We often hear of oil field accidents and the number of causalities that take place due to such accidents. Such accidents can take place due to any reason such as inexperienced workforce, inadequate safety measures, ignorance of the senior authorities, etc. But the workers getting injured during such accidents must be aware of their rights. “Fischer & Manno Law” helps such workers, who work in Louisiana, to claim their compensation rights to get their medical expenses covered.

The accidents that take place at oil field and exploration sites are very dangerous as such a place involves lots of heavy machinery and oil that is being drilled and used to run machines. Due to this, the injuries that take place in such an accident can be life threading which can result in higher medical bills. Also, It is very difficult to get back to the job once a person faces such a situation as it leaves an impact not o the body only but on the mind as well.

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Due We, at Fischer & Manno Law, provide legal representation to the workers who face such a situation.  We know, we can’t provide help you with your physical injuries as it involves natural healing process but we can surely help you relieve your mental stress by taking care of your legal needs. To claim workers’ compensation benefits, you need an experienced and skilled lawyer and we have lawyers who not only know the compensation claim procedure but also know the conditions and requirements that are to be met by the oil field owners. Our lawyers are dedicated to serve our Louisiana based clients in timely, efficient and professional manner.

If you, or someone whom you know, is dealing with such a situation in Louisiana, you can contact us anytime at https://fischermannolaw.com/oil-field-accident/ to seek legal assistance and representation.

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