Kingwana may be one of the least known languages in Africa but it is widely spoken by people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and in the vast diaspora off Congolese people living across Africa and the world.

In two words, the best way to describe our localization work in three words in – we localize locally. In other words, our localization places huge emphasis on the localization, which is to take a product, strip away its alien and foreign edges then

Communications forms and styles are dynamic and we do our best to keep up with the pace. The latest and indeed quite effective communication path is transcreation. Simply put, it is creative translation that drives your message home through both context and content.

You have a website? Check. It has great content? Check. You update it regularly? Check. Part of your target audience is in Eastern and Central Africa? Check. Your website is in English and French? Check.

Kingwana is a pidgin Swahili that is widely spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is spoken by millions of people in the country as well as by hundreds of thousands of Congolese in the diaspora.