In two words, the best way to describe our localization work in three words in – we localize locally. In other words, our localization places huge emphasis on the localization, which is to take a product, strip away its alien and foreign edges then clothe it in local colours so much that blends and resonates with local people.

Our Kingwana localization draws heavily from soccer. It is a universal game yet played daily in localities with local passion and local styles that still adhered to standard global rules of the game. As per this example, we have internal focus groups that mull over and analyse localization projects to such a degree that we get a true feel of local lingua and cultural components that need to be cornerstones of the project in question.

You create, we localize. You initiate, we localize. Talk to us and lets get going with localizing your project in Kingwana.

Translation Sample


The Law of Moses expresses God’s expectation that society should care for its most vulnerable members both by refraining from exploiting them and by providing for their basic needs.


Sheria ya Musa ina exprimer attente ya Mungu ya kwamba jamaa lazima ituze wa memba zake wale vulnérables kabisa, kwa ku éviter ku wa exploiter na ku fournir ku ma maitaji zao ya base.