Communications forms and styles are dynamic and we do our best to keep up with the pace. The latest and indeed quite effective communication path is transcreation. Simply put, it is creative translation that drives your message home through both context and content.

In other words, transcreation translates the heart of the matter by translating both the words and the tone of the story.

We have creative writers who work closely with our translators to ensure that our Kingwana transcreation projects live up to this new, powerful word, ‘transcreation.’

Contact us now for any questions you may have about Kingwana transcreation.

Translation Sample


The Law of Moses expresses God’s expectation that society should care for its most vulnerable members both by refraining from exploiting them and by providing for their basic needs.


Sheria ya Musa ina exprimer attente ya Mungu ya kwamba jamaa lazima ituze wa memba zake wale vulnérables kabisa, kwa ku éviter ku wa exploiter na ku fournir ku ma maitaji zao ya base.