Health issues are something that comes without any invitation and every one of us has to deal with them with proper medication and not letting ignorance to have a place in treatment. Sometimes lack of knowledge and ignorance becomes the cause of the health issue and further, we suffer a lot. Piles are the problem where the tissues collected in the anal canal. They contain muscles, blood vessels, elastic fibers and support tissues.

They can be either external or internal. Above the opening of the anus they are of 2 to 4 cm. when one gets to know about the piles or hemorrhoids then never get too late and have the proper medication, nowadays medicines are available in the online pharmacies also. People feel shy about collecting medicines from the dispensary for the particular problem. The legitimate online pharmacy is now providing you both prescribed and non-prescribed medicines.

When it comes to piles medicines works in their own manner but some do’s and don’ts can help one in reducing the symptoms and curing the issue faster. Symptoms of the piles that a patient experiences can be redness, itchiness, painful defecation, bloody stool, a feeling of fullness of the bowel even after passing stool. When the symptoms persist then other problems also take place like infection, anal fistula, excessive anal bleeding and strangulated hemorrhoid.

Do’s for the piles patient:

  • Having the healthy diet is very important in piles; consume the roughage-rich and high fiber diet. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and bran based breakfast always be sure that you choose the food that is easily chewable.
  • Drink plenty of water and if you can’t do that have the fluid in any form like juices. Coconut juice and other fruit juice can be the part of your diet.
  • If you are having the excess weight then work on it and reduce the weight as it is the major factor in the severity of the piles.
  • Work out daily as it helps in reducing the constipation problem and it helps in reducing the pile’s symptoms.
  • Hot bath relieves the symptoms

Don’ts for the piles patient:

  • Piles patient should not sit on the toilet seat for the long duration, avoid any activity that exerts pressure on the rectum.
  • Never strains during the urination or passing stool.
  • Piles patient never lift the heavy objects. They should not hold the breath and should exhale normally.
  • Do not eat spicy food and reduce the consumption of coffee and tea.
  • They should stop eating salty food and red meats like mutton.
  • Never use the floor for seating as some of the people are sensitive to the damp and cool floor and this can increase their symptoms.

Pile is not an inevitable issue but with the proper care of the body and having the healthy diet can help one to fight against it. Proper knowledge helps in reducing the risk of such health issues.

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