Solitaire is a great game to pass the time. Whether you are stuck in a waiting room or just have a few minutes to kill, fill those minutes with fun and test your skills with modern versions of classic solitaire! Each version brings a new twist to the traditional solitaire game, making it more challenging with new game dynamics. Find the best one for you and stay hooked with unlimited fun accessible at any time in your pocket.

My initial research for Solitaire games was a bit time-consuming as it’s hard to differentiate them, especially on app stores since the only difference is in the name. Fortunately, my research brought me to a list on a site called AppGrooves that filters out the top 10 Solitaire games with additional valuable info. I used it as a reference for my below apps.

Top 10 Solitaire Games by AppGrooves

But I have no doubt that with so many modern versions of classic solitaire available, like Freecell, TriPeaks, Pyramid and spider solitaire, you will easily find one that is perfect you. I selected what I think are the best modern solitaire games, so you can take the fun with you anywhere you go.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga for Egyptian themed fun

Pyramid Solitaire Saga transports you to a different world with themed levels and fun animations. Travel through Egypt and visit the pyramids as you progress through challenging levels. The game is full of charm, with great sound effects and cute animated characters. Unlock exciting new themes as you advance through increasingly challenging levels. Share the fun and invite your friends to play too. Compete with them for the title of ultimate solitaire master or challenge yourself to beat the high score!

Pyramid Solitaire for a modern take on a classic game

Do you like the classic look of traditional solitaire? Pyramid Solitaire keeps it fresh but classic with fun animations and polished gameplay. Test your skills on a new version of the original solitaire game and challenge your brain to solve pyramid solitaire puzzles that are fun and exciting. Each time you complete a level enjoy exclusive animations to celebrate your victory! You can take Pyramid Solitaire with you anywhere you go since you can play offline too!

Also, I found the next two on the list I mentioned, but for the pyramid solitaire, they were neatly sorted and explained in an article on the same website. So if you want a bit more info, here’s the link to the article I used.

Pyramide Solitaire Games

Solitaire TriPeaks for playing online with friends

Play solitaire in a relaxing paradise with Solitaire TriPeaks. Adventure your way through an island filled with changing environments and fun challenging levels. Play solo or join a club with your friends to compete on a worldwide leaderboard. Earn coins as you play and use them to unlock rewards and in-game bonuses. Easily build up your balance with a daily bonus just for playing! With over 850 levels, you will never be bored again!

Towers TriPeaks for addicting, non-stop fun

Towers TriPeaks is a great choice if you are looking for a free solitaire game you can play non-stop. The best part is that there are no advertisements, so you can enjoy the unlimited and uninterrupted fun! The game has a beautiful vintage style theme with excellent graphics and fun sound effects. Earn rewards for your achievements and use the bonuses to earn more points in the game. Play solitaire online with your friends and give them a hand by sending them bonus hearts! With so many fun features and prizes, Towers TriPeaks is a great choice for uninterrupted and addictive gameplay.

Test your solitaire skills with fun new versions of the classic solitaire game we know and love. Experience solitaire like never before, with fun themes, bonuses and new game mechanics! Play solo or play online against your friends and compete on a worldwide leaderboard. You will never be bored again with the best solitaire games at your fingertips.

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