The wedding ring (แหวน แต่งงาน, which is the term in Thai) is one of a pair of rings exchanged by the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony, and afterward worn by them as a mark of eternal fidelity.

Here are the reasons why a wedding ring is significant and worn at all times by a couple.

 Wedding Rings Represents the Importance and Significance of Commitment

Couple putting on their wedding rings at all time send a message to the world that we are taken.

Certain cultures have their ways of indicating married or single status. No matter the culture you find yourself, you are responsible for communicating the message of your marital status in a way that is clear within that culture.

 A Reminder of Your Love for Each Other

The wedding ring serves as a reminder of your wedding day, wedding ring the things you do for each other and your vows.

A mere look at the wedding ring can remind couple the vows they shared, the happiness they’ve had since then, and the promises they’ve made to each other.

Wedding Ring is a Fidelity Assurance

When you or your partner wears the ring, it’s a reminder to you either of you that your partner is committed to you and values that ring’s significance.

Just the simple act of putting on your wedding ring sends a message to the watching world that you value your spouse.

An Acknowledgement that you Value Your Wedding Ring.

Regardless of the price tag, wearing your ring also shows that you value your spouse’s thoughtfulness in their purchase.

A couple who isn’t buoyant enough to buy the most expensive wedding rings is reassured that their spouse still values and appreciats the purchase for each other. Either of the couples may feel saddened to think his/her spouse is ashamed of the quality of their wedding ring if the spouse does not flaunt it.

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