Mental health diseases are extremely common today. While there are some that people can learn to manage with on their own, others do require a significant amount of care and support. One mental health condition that all people need to be aware of is schizophrenia. This mental health condition often presents itself in adulthood and could have a major effect on someone’s well being. There are a variety of schizophrenia symptoms that someone should look out for.

Sudden Change in Personality

One red flag that could be an indication of schizophrenia is if you or a loved one has suddenly experienced a change in your personality. While someone can be born with schizophrenia, the symptoms may not manifest for a long time. In some situations, the symptoms of schizophrenia can come on gradually and in others they may all seem to start out of the blue. If you or a loved one suddenly experiences a major change in personality, it could be a sign of schizophrenia that needs to be further assessed.

Strange Mood

Some of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia include violent mood swings and anger. Someone that is suffering from schizophrenia could seem to turn on a dime and go from being happy and coherent to suddenly being very angry and even violent. Since anything can set someone off, it is impossible to know what could trigger this sudden change.

Delusional Thoughts

One of the more concerning schizophrenia symptoms that people can have are delusional thoughts. Depending on the severity, someone can have delusional thoughts that can make them very paranoid and stressed out, which can cause them to make very bad decisions or act strange in normal situations. Another example of this is the belief that a very ordinary event somehow is connected to a much bigger or special event.

Memory Loss

When someone is struggling with schizophrenia, they could also struggle with memory loss. Someone with schizophrenia will often feel very confused about a situation that they are in and may forget about events that happened in the recent past. This can make them react negatively and start to isolate themselves even more. While memory loss can be attributed to any number of health conditions, it could be a clear sign of schizophrenia if it seems as if the memory loss condition has come out of nowhere.

Seek Professional Advice and Support

Dealing with schizophrenia is hard for anyone. Fortunately, there are a variety of services that can help you manage this concern. The services provided by can help you get started. If you are concerned that either your or a loved one is struggling with schizophrenia, you should seek support immediately. A professional mental health counseling and treatment center can provide a variety of services to help someone better handle their mental health condition.

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