In today’s’ glazing world outer look and personality of person is of  utmost importance and when this personality and look get hamper due to hair loss then it becomes the reason of depression, stress and anxiety as it put question mark on person’s self esteem and self image. This is the reason that today hair transplant in India has become as important as if person needs kidney or heart transplant.

This tendency and thinking of modern people has made hair loss problem quite bigger one and need of hair restoration quite essential as a result of which practitioners are also putting extra efforts for giving 100% safe and positive results according to their realistic desires.

However there are some medical reasons as follows that make hair transplant as necessary as other medical procedures.

  • Sometimes person has a medical condition of thyroid in which due to hormonal changes caused by malfunctioning thyroid gland becomes reason for permanent hair loss which is even become difficult to control with medication in progressive stage of thyroid disease. Some time in this condition patient lost his hair from eyebrows or eyelashes so in this medical condition hair transplant becomes necessary for a person to build his self esteem and self confidence.
  • Another disease that can cause permanent hair loss is Diabetes Mellitus. In this condition hair loss is the first counted symptom for this disease. In this disease as the skin gets little blood supply so hair growth stops as hair need proper nutrition and blood supply circulation for proper growth. In some conditions baldness caused by diabetes Mellitus becomes severs and irreversible so patient looks for hair restoration. As this medical disease is quite common in Punjab so that’s why it becomes strong reason for hair transplant in Punjab.
  • Some persons suffer from some fungal infections on scalp so they cannot have growing hair at all naturally as the fungus or bacteria damage the hair follicles of natural hair cycle so person has baldness or some patches on scalp where he has infected area. In this case hair restoration is the only way to gate back his hair.
  • Side effects from some medications or illness also becomes the strong reason for permanent hair loss as in the diseases like arthritis or cancer patient has to continue his medicines so his chances for naturally growing hair becomes zero in this case he goes for hair restoration surgically as it can give him permanent and natural hair in less time and less cost because hair transplant cost in India is quite reasonable that most of people can approach for it.
  • Poor nutrition can also cause serious hair loss even in the early age of person so person has to choose permanent hair restoration to restore his self esteem, self image and confidence for surviving in modern society.

However all above are medical conditions that makes hair transplant as valuable as other medical procedures but even if the person has hair loss due to some other reasons then also can go for hair transplant successfully for his personal choice.

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