The KumbhMela is celebrated 4 times over a time span of 12 years and in India, it is nothing less than the biggest festival itself. Pilgrims and devotees of Hindu religion attend this famous fair. Sadhus, Naga Sadhus and hermits mark the beginning of this renowned occasion with their entrance on horses and elephants in large groups of many alike. Tourists travelling from abroad are also witnessed enjoying the festive and calm vibes at the site.

As the KumbhMela 2019 is coming soon you need to know the main features, highlights and essential information about it.

  1. Cultural Events

You can experience the rich culture and heritage that our country possesses people from all over India and abroad visit this popular fair which will consist of 5 main pandals of series of several events. You will watch mesmerizing musical performance along with some traditional folk dances. You will have a spiritual experience here at the site.

  1. Tourist Walks

The tourist walks are organized by the government, they have a unique significance as they make you visit the various sites including the renowned temples and forts. In the Sangam walk, you will also get a golden opportunity to visit Bade Hanumanji Temple, PatalpuriMandir, Akshaya Vat, Allahabad fort, and Ram Ghat. The tour also includes Allahabad Museum, Public Library and SwarajBhawan which will give you best life experiences.

  1. Waterways

You can enjoy a serene water boat or ferry experiences that will defiantly soothe your soul at this pilgrim occasion. The ride is organized by the Inland Waterways Authority Of India and take a ferry ride near to the SangamGhat in the Yamuna River. The journey starts from SujawanGhat, moving towards the Boat Club Ghat, this ferry ride will end at KilaGhat. This is surely let you soak in the peaceful vibes of the city around while you get to watch many sites on these ghats.

  1. Laser Light Show

The laser light show has been arranged by the government this year for all the visitors to experience a unique laser and sound theme during the Mela. This is one of the specialities of KumbhMela this year and is surely going to be a memorable experience at a place like this. If you’re looking for a new and interesting experience, try this show.

  1. Thematic Gates

The government has also instilled numerous thematic gates that you have to explore while you’re out and about in this place. These gates are strategically placed and with every gate having a unique identity, you’re surely be amazed to see the reflection of cultural creations of India installed this year. The best part about these gates is they can be reused after this year’s fair.

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