Teaching English as a second language to students overseas all around the world has being made possible with help of ESL platforms such as Your Agora. With rise in importance of the English language, more and more non-native learners seek to learn English and Your Agora is helping teachers address concerns regarding how to teach English abroad.

This ESL platform has a treasure of learning content made and contributed by teachers from all over the world, and a large amount of content created for teaching English as a second language is loaded with interactive material such as videos, photos, text, word list etc enable non-native English speakers to understand ESL lesson plans more effectively.

Content on Your Agora can be altered and modified any time by content creators in order to update curriculum and course content to meet with ever changing learning requirements of the students. Also, with help of its tag features, tutors can filter and organise learning material in accordance to courses and classes. Students and learners can also use the platform’s search feature to explore volumes of learning material suitable for their needs, course, classes and ESL lesson plans.

Your Agora’s auto-grading feature makes teaching English as a second language a breeze with test and assignment based on true or false, match the following, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions format exercises can be graded automatically and teachers can check and review and assess written assignment by providing appropriate feedback and comments to every assignment.

This teaching English as a second language platform is free to use for students and teachers whereas schools, institutions and enterprises need to pay and subscribe to its premium plans for avail its ESL lesson plans. Though Your Agora is an ideal answer for tutors all over the world addressing their concerns of how to teach English abroad, this platform is not ideal for persons wishing to learn English and having no knowledge of English Language.

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