I have been ateacher for over 25 years and I truly enjoy working with adolescents-both in the course room and in the fitness as a trainer, knowing that sports can be an important expansion of the course room. I experience that I can set up a professional relationship with most, if not all, of learners or sportsmen in my charge because I make studying fun. Children choose to take an effective part in the training process, but this only happens when they want to be in your class (or on your team.) By looking into making studying fun (i.e., student-driven and teacher-lead, rather than teacher-driven and student-lead), I am able not only to catch and keep kids’ interest, but also ignite a ignite in each of them.

The better teachers are those that have not only a expertise of their area of study, but also a way with their learners that makes each one of them experience safe within their studying atmosphere.

Students should never experience anxious by the course content. The “old-school” lecture-from-the-textbook strategy is an ancient and usually worthless method training. It is essential to be able to achieve each student in each class daily, regardless of his/her satisfaction within a given self-discipline. To make this happen, I integrate technology, slides, professional educating, and an overall hands-on plan and philosophy questions and answers to my classes. The use of several allows not only keeps a fresh experience to the course room, but it also allows me for making relationships with learners of different studying designs. Through my educating, I task my learners to be the best students and well-rounded individuals they can be, while making in them a life-long love of studying.

We are here for our learners, not the other way around. With the humanistic strategy in my classroom allows me to successfully deal with this need. This positive and positive view leads to the idea that individuals need to take liability for their own lifestyles through brilliant choices and making decisions.  For individuals to realize their full potential, they need to believe in themselves. Eventually, this humanistic idea encourages involve dealing with the needs of the personal student for that scholar’s growth and development to be fully noticed. As more and more research is performed on how best to fulfill the requirements of our learners, we will need to be versatile in our classes. I found many students who are indulged in playing cryptogames, and not focusing on their studies, this is wrong practice.

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