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If you’ve ever driven across suburbs, you’ll notice that most of the roofs in the United States are made of asphalt shingles. Shingles are quite versatile that almost four out of five residential spaces will have shingles as their go-to material.

Although the most type of roofing, including shingles, are meant to be durable and long-lasting, it’s still at the mercy of nature’s elements. Rain, strong winds, and devastating hailstorms are just some of the weather conditions that can lower the lifespan of our roof.

Even though we can conduct much-needed repairs on our roof, a roof that’s already past its lifetime will need to be replaced. 

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

As early as now, we want to set your expectations regarding replacing a roof: it’s not going to be cheap. If setting up your own tent can be a commitment in itself, removing your pre-existing roof and installing a fresh new set of shingles or any material of your choice can be a daunting task. 

In pricing, you’re looking at $5,000 to $10,000 in terms of prices. Of course, the price will vary based on the following metrics:

  • The size of your roof – On average, your regular roof size will cost around 1,700 square feet in length. The size of your roof will determine the number of materials that are needed. Basically, the larger the roof, the more money you’ll have to spend.
  • The material that’s being used – If you’re looking for high-end materials that will go past the life expectancy of asphalt shingles, you might have to spend more than $14,000 for an average-sized roof.
  • The installation fee – Of course, most contractors will work, for a price. Installation fees will vary depending on the professionals that you’re hiring. You can get quotes from professionals, of course. Most will usually work for around $2000 to $3000 that consists of about two to four professionals. The quote might change, depending on the extent of the work that’s needed. It’s recommended that you find a roof inspector first, which will cost around $100 to $300, which is not that bad.
  • Aftercare – After your roof has been replaced, you might notice that there will be a lot of debris being strewn around. You might not need to invest in a cleaner, but you might have to invest in a bit of time and energy in tidying up the debris. You might have to spend a bit of time cleaning your yard and your roof to ensure that there are no hazards, especially for your family. But most of the time, a professional roofing crew will be tidy and orderly in how they’ll replace your roof.

But don’t get flustered, if you can save your roof, you can do everything in your power to repair it. However, it’s important to note that there will be some permanent damages. 

Telltale Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

There is a multitude of different factors that can affect your roof’s lifespan. Save from the weather condition, permanent damages, such as a warped roof is already a sign that you will need to start replacing it.

But first, let’s get into the details:

Widespread Rotting

If your roof has been permanently damaged for years, you might see the same type of damage on your home’s attic and supporting structures. If you notice darker hints of color on your wooden beans and swelling in your ceiling, there might a leak caused by your shingles warping. 

Not only will rotting affect your roofing materials and shingles, but widespread rotting can also affect much of your attic and roof’s frame. If this type of rotting is not addressed, this could spread towards the foundation of your home. You might need a professional framing contractor with the right amount of experience to check on your framing.

Buckled and Warped Roof

The leading cause of a warped roof is a roofing system that’s already past its life expectancy. If you see that your roof is buckled or warping, it’s imperative to start calling in a roofing inspector as soon as possible. In most extreme cases, a warped roof can lead to injuries when it starts caving in on itself.


Overall, replacing your roof isn’t a walk in the park, but it is possible, with the right crew. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be too negative about your replacing your roof. Your older set of materials has done their part by protecting your home from the elements for decades. There’s a silver lining to this: you’ll be able to know what materials work best with your a roof, and you can make the necessary adjustment by choosing the right stuff.

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