The love for Rummy has continued to increase in recent years, especially with the arrival of many online portals. Online Rummy is easily accessible and exciting to play, thereby attracting a larger audience. Therefore, many interested players look for reliable guidance to start playing the rummy game online.

Learning how to play Rummy is quite simple. All you have to do is remember the rules of the game and how it is played. The rest depends on your practice and commitment to the game. So, let us take a look at this advanced guide to Rummy for beginners. If you are a professional, don’t worry. You can still read this post as a productive pastime!

Number of Players Allowed in Rummy

Since 13 Card Rummy is the most commonly played variant of the rummy game, we shall outline its rules here. The foremost thing that every player needs to know is that a game of Rummy can involve 2 to 6 players. The number of decks of cards used in the game depends on the number of players. For example, in the case of 2 players, one deck of cards is suitable for playing Rummy. However, in the case of more than 2 players, two decks are normally utilised.

Deck of Cards Used in Rummy

Each deck of the card used in Rummy contains 53 cards, out of which one is a printed joker card.

The remaining 52 cards in the deck contain 13 cards each of four different suites, such as clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. The clubs and spades suites are black-coloured, and the hearts and diamonds suites are red-coloured.

The value of the numbered cards in a rummy game is the same as the number printed on them. The face cards, i.e., Ace, Jack, Queen, and King, hold 10 points in the 13 Card Rummy variant.

The Rules of Play

  • Players can start a game of Rummy with a minimum of two players at the table.
  • The players have to select a dealer and a scorer before starting the game, although this is not necessary for online Rummy. The portal itself serves both these roles in an unbiased manner on behalf of players.
  • Every player is dealt 13 cards, and the remaining cards become the closed deck for the rummy game.
  • One random card from the closed deck becomes the wild card in the game, and it can substitute any other card in an impure sequence or a set. In a game of Rummy, the printed joker card and the wild card bear the same significance.
  • The first player has to pick a card from the closed deck and discard a card from their existing hand.
  • The player can also choose to discard the card they just picked from the closed deck. This discarded card is the first entry of the discard deck in a game of Rummy.
  • Then, the remaining players take turns drawing and discarding cards while trying to achieve the game’s objective.

The objective of a Game of Rummy 

  • The objective of a game of Rummy, like every other game, is to win.
  • Players can win by arranging all the 13 cards in their hands into valid sequences and sets.
  • You can create a sequence with three or four cards of the same suite consecutively in the order of ranking. Players can create sets by arranging three or four cards having the same ranking, although belonging to distinct suites.
  • However, players can win only if they have completed a pure sequence and an impure sequence. You can create a pure sequence only without using the joker cards, and if you do, it becomes an impure sequence.


That’s all you have to learn about Rummy to start your journey. The guide mentioned above clearly outlined basic information about the game of Rummy. We could notice the number of players required in Rummy and the details of the deck of cards used in Rummy. In addition, we also learned about the method for playing 13 Card Rummy and the objectives for winning a game. Now that you have the information download a trusted mobile app and start playing Rummy right now!

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