CBD oil is all the craze these days, and a lot of people are starting to include just a few drops of it per day and experiencing amazing health benefits because of it. Besides the copious amount of symptoms, physical and mental, that CBD oil can relieve through oral consumption, there is an entire other world of uses for it. As a moisturizer, for skin or lips even, tons of products utilize CBD to great success. If you’re someone who has been around quite a long time, it might soon be the time to begin worrying about pesky wrinkles on your face. If you want to get ahead of the issue, many reviewers tout the Cannabis Beauty Defined Anti-Aging CBD Hemp oil Facial Moisturizer as the best CBD oil moisturizer for skin there is. This moisturizing cream is packed to the brim with additional nutrients besides CBD, and has received rave reviews. I mentioned before how CBD oil can be used to aid moisturize your lips as well and that is exactly why lots of companies are beginning to launch their own lines of CBD infused lip balms. For example, Cannabis Lip Balm’s lavender and eucalyptus formula is a pretty popular one. Users say that it’s velvety smooth and obviously made of pure essential oils, but doesn’t feel greasy like other traditional lip balms. The CBD in here gives you more mileage, but it also creates quite a potent flavor too so if you’re not into the taste of green you may want to look for other similar products that mask it in there better.

For a bit of a lighter cream that you can use as a daly lotion, lots of websites recommend the Imbue Botanicals Embody Premium CBD lotion. With its added ingredients like an aloe vera base and lactic acid, this is the best CBD oil skin lotion to apply daily right after your shower or bath when your skin is still warm and moist.  There’s a huge variety of these CBD topicals for all kinds of purposes, like aiding in the healing of scars or burns, and relieving itches. Your local dispensary would be all too pleased to help you find the right one you need!

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