Is it a plane, or a boat, or something out of this world? That’s the question many might ask themselves after spotting the new Foiler Flying Yacht. It looks like a Tesla with wings on the water, with a modern, sharp design. It also has one of the smoothest rides of any yacht.

Retractable Hydrofoils Improve Performance 
The so called flying yacht is able to reach such amazing speeds, while still delivering a smooth ride, by utilizing retractable hydrofoils that are made out of carbon fiber. The hydrofoils look a bit like wings and can raise up to five feet.

This allows for unparalleled ride comfort for passengers. For those who often get seasick, this is the ideal boat for them. The Foiler yacht also improves safety. According to the cost of insuring the yacht will be cheaper than comparable vessels due to its enhanced performance and safety features.

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Hydrofoil Technology is New to Boating 
While Hydrofoil technology is not new, it has never been used on powerboats and yachts until recently. The main advantage of the technology is the exceptionally smooth stability it brings to boating, which will be a big selling feature of the Folier Yacht. The hydrofoils make the vessel look almost like it is flying above the water. In reality, it is gliding along at impressive speeds, powered by an advanced electrical motor system.

The Foiler Will be Faster than Almost any other Yacht
The wing like design of the flying yacht creates less friction, which in turn allows for higher speeds and more efficiency. In fact, the vessel will be one of the fastest in its class. It is estimated that the 31-foot yacht speeds can reach near 50 MPH, while maintaining a smooth, comfortable ride. The Foiler first debuted at the International Boat Show in Dubai.

Despite the speed advantage of the Folier, no other yacht can match its unique ride. Waves up to 5 feet tall can be “glided” through, allowing passengers to sip on their wine without any jarring disruptions. The design of the Folier also increases fuel efficiency along with increased speed.

It comes equipped with impressive twin BMW engines that produce 320 HP. There are also two electric generators on board, two electric torpedoes and a fuel tank that can hold 300 liters. If you stay out too long and the battery is drained, the Foiler cruises silently at 10 knots for about 10 minutes. The boat is certified to hold up to 8 passengers.

If you have the money and want one, you’re going to need to get in line. There is currently a 12-month pre-order wait. While no price has been announced, it surely will cost a nice sum. For those looking for James Bond adventure with a small yacht that will turn heads anywhere, the Folier Flying Yacht just might be it.

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