According to official information, tourism revenues in 2017 brought $ 2.2 billion to the budget of Georgia. According to experts, a significant part of the influx of tourists to the country is provided by the gambling business that is legalized in Georgia.

Casinos is one of the factors of growth of the tourist flow in Georgia in 2017. Most of the guests are from neighboring countries, where there are restrictions or bans on gambling: Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey.

Darren Keane, Storm International CEO confirms that in 2017 there was a noticeable increase in the number of visitors. The share of gamblers rose to about 20%, with most of the guests coming from the countries of the near and far abroad.

Guests are also interested in the possibility of easy access to Georgia, so the increase in the number of tourists is closely related to the increase in the number of international direct flights to the country, added Darren Keane, Shangri La representative.

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