Life is always a roller coaster. Nobody has any idea what’s going to happen in the next minute. We are born as a baby and grow up by imitating how the people around us live their lives and for us, that’s what exactly we are supposed to do. But for every other person having a different goal, how can we all choose the same path and lead our lives the exact same way.

So, my question is what are the rules to live by? Is there any user manual we actually forgot to take along? How can somebody be so happy and equally sad at the same time? Well, to be true, there is no particular way to live life. All of us are familiar and acquainted with a set of rules that will allow us to lead a happy life full of health, wealth and power but we are not following them. Rules and principles are made for a reason and if we actually try to live in accordance with them, it can make a difference you haven’t even dreamt of in your life.

People are so confusing. They hardly do what they say and even does the exact opposite. So, I have actually created a list of some of the rules or principles in life to live by:

  1. Stop Procrastinating

How many of you have created a bucket list in your life and had actually done something to cross off the things from it? I guess none of you and why? Because it requires an effort or because those things are hard? Well, let me correct you here. Everything that matters is hard. There isn’t a single thing you can achieve in this world without actually trying. Making way for your own happiness is the first step. You have to stop delaying everything to the last moment and remember there is no gain without pain.

  1. Stop Listening to Excuses

When has someone hurt you so badly intentionally and you have actually tried to find good in their doing? I guess many times. I have no idea why we humans love seeing the good in people despite knowing that they are actually lethal to our well being, our happiness and most importantly growth. You need to let go of all the negativity in your life whether it’s a person or a bad habit of back talking or even jealousy. Just try it sometimes, it will make the life much easier and satisfactorily happy. If you care for someone, just make them realise so and if you don’t, don’t even try that hard. Just letting people know that you care for their well being just with a simple text is enough to make their day better. I recently came across a website that has so many wonderful Good Morning Wishes that you can actually send to the people you care about to let them know how much they mean to you.

  1. Be a Giver

Everybody grows in their life by taking things. First, it’s the love and care of our parents, then comes the education then is the jobs and all. We have been wired to take so much that we actually forget to offer something in return. We think we are entitled to everything good in life but in actual, we are nor. Try offering more to the society, to your family and just see how the wheels turn around and you are offered even more in return.

  1. Time Management

We all know the fact that once that particular time is lost, it’s never coming back but what are we doing about it. The most important principle of life to live by is understanding the value of time. It’s not at all easy to manage the time equally between work and personal goals but trying is the ultimate solution to achieve everything best in life and even gaining the power of managing time.  

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