There’s always a debate about which options are better when it comes to things that are important. Should we purchase a smaller car that is better for the environment, or should we purchase a larger car that will protect our loved ones in a car accident. Should we vacation locally and save extra money for potential rainy day, or should we make the expensive cross-country trip and make memories that will last a lifetime. In each of these scenarios there’s a compelling reason why taking either route is the best choice. And it can be argued that when one route is chosen, there is a definite loss by not choosing the other route.

In some instances however this is not actually the case. In other words there isn’t an equal set of benefits if you choose each way. In fact in some cases if you go in one direction, the benefits far outweigh what benefits you might receive if you go in the other direction.

Choosing the type of meat you serve to your family is one of these types of choices. There is a small downside if you choose free range or grass-fed meat. That downside is that there will be an additional cost to the typical supermarket meats provided by industrial farms.

What is Free Range Meat?

Free-range meat comes from animals that are raised and slaughtered on smaller, usually family-owned farms. These farms care for the animals in the same way that farmers have for thousands of years.Animals are allowed to roam in pastures, or in large pens, where each animal who has lots of space. They are fed grass, grains, and animal feed that has been there staple for hundreds of years. Because they are not kept and small cages they are much healthier. There’s no need to give them the typical growth hormones that industrial farms count on, because the exercise that they get causes them to grow larger and healthier.

Free Range Meat is Better

Animals on industrial farms are fed a low cost diet that consists of low quality feed that often contains garbage, and animal feces. Also because the conditions are so poor these animals must be given a steady diet of antibiotics. As a result, the animals are often sick much of their lives. When you compare free-range animals to industrial farm animals, there’s no doubt that the free-range animals are healthier and livelier.

Meat from free-range animals has been proven to be much higher in vital nutrients than that of industrial farm meat. Weather it is free range chicken, free range pork, or free-range lamb the meat will offer higher levels vitamin E and A, and higher protein. It will also taste much better.

Free Range Butchers

Because of its obvious benefits, many online butchers today have decided to sell free range meat exclusively. These ethical butchers want to provide customers with the best products available, and that provide the healthiest choice for families.

As mentioned previously, the price for free range meat will be more than meat from industrial farms, but the benefits to you and your family far outweigh the extra cost.

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