Having a loved one die can be a difficult experience. Unfortunately, the experience can be even more difficult if the death came completely unexpectedly. Maybe, the person died in a car crash or another accident. Perhaps, it was the result of a heart attack. An expected death can leave you wondering what to do and how to plan the funeral. Luckily, there are several things steps you can take to more effectively plan a funeral after an unexpected death.

Contact People

This should be one of the first things that you do. If someone’s health has been failing for a while or if the person is getting older, people expect the call. With an unexpected death, the call may come as a shock. Avoid getting angry with family and friends who are unable to attend the services, especially if they must travel a considerable distance. Those who can come, though, may be able to help you plan the services.

Casket or Cremation

Your loved one may have expressed a preference. Some people love the idea of being cremated, especially if that means their ashes can be scattered somewhere special to them. Other people are completely opposed to the idea and want to be buried in a traditional casket. If you are unsure of your loved one’s desires, ask other family and friends. They might be able to help you.

Consider Their Service Wishes

Consider what type of music the person might want, who they would want to give the life sketch, who the person would want as pallbearers, and other important details. Unfortunately, with an unexpected death, you may not know. If that’s the case, use your best judgment. You generally cannot go wrong with allowing those closest to the person to play a part in the services.
To avoid putting your family and friends in a difficult position, discuss your funeral wishes with your loved ones before you die. It might be an uncomfortable discussion, but it’s good for each of you to understand how you would want things handled if you were to die unexpectedly. Morticians like funeral directors from Signature can help you to plan funeral program.

Funeral Options

When looking at the different options associated with burial vs cremation there are a variety to choose from regarding either option. With burial comes the decisions involved with casket selection. Depending on the funeral home you will have options regarding casket material for the outside, as well as the interior lining. Material choices for example can include wood, steel, bronze, and copper. Interior lining can be velvet or crepe. There is also the need for purchasing a plot and headstone when deciding to go with a burial.With a cremation you will be deciding on whether the ashes will be kept or scattered, as this decision will play into your selection of an urn. Your funeral home can assist you with selecting an urn which can vary by materials used such as wood, metal, and glass.

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