The biggest forex brokers never stop improving services to serve their clients. Enhance trading conditions, open more options, strengthen the support are more practical for long-term profit and receive greater care by the biggest brokers. So, this article today is to detail the key components of the best forex name with particular example for your consideration.

Vigorous Team on Support

There is one major block that trustworthy brokers would deal with on the top list: direct support. In the currency trading market, strong brokers must expand. The hometown is the prior, then they establish their local offices over the target countries, develop the online support system, and cope with the language barrier problems. They usually have a long list of languages support and a broad locality system. There always has both online and direct support. The online support is usually available every minute with the language set, and the weekday direct support goes belong with the local staff members who exchange things with clients easily need not any interpreters or translation tools.

Exness, FxPro, FBS, and XM all have the top team on support to satisfy all condition that mentioned. It’s easy to check the local offices and even the local payment on their websites. They collaborate with many International Banks and can respond you in an instant. You can try Exness forex brokers as example.

Strong Regulations

More regulations means more verification from financial associations, yet tighter brokers’ trading condition – higher spread, less trading tools, extend requirement of the minimum deposit. It’s reliable enough with one license of reputation such as: ASIC, FCA, CySEC, or NFA. Several brokers don’t have one of those passports for good excuse, you should check their target country. For example, brokers who focus only on the Asian forex market can have Asian financial association regulations, that’s better and safer.

Low Transaction Cost

Transaction Cost are the spread and commission rate from which brokers calculate as the main income. Some have the high spread, low commission, or vice versa. Another example, EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair, and here we have some comparison between the lowest spread candidates:

  • Exness and Hotforex – 1.1 pips
  • XM and FXTM – 1.7 pips

Even stands as champion with Hotforex, Exness is one different case with free commission and low spread on most of its accounts. Only Exness ECN option has commision fee but zero Spread. That besides the broker’s attractive Lot back Bonus makes many consider Exness as one of the best ECN brokers.

High Leverage

This offer hides both the extreme risk and great chance to profit much higher. Even new traders hope to test with low margin and high leverage, especially with small pockets. The US and UK and Japanese comply with their countries’ licenses, hence low leverage so less competitive. Among international brokers, the highest leverage brokers includes:

  • Exness – 1 : 000 or Unlimited Leverage (For Cent, Mini, Classic MT4 accounts)
  • FBS, HotForex – 1 : 1000 (All accounts)
  • XM – 1 : 888 (All accounts)

Various Account Options

Traders can be put into three groups: novice, experienced, and expert. Each groups have traders with different minds so different forex trading strategies. For that reason, multiple accounts with various trading conditions should be significant to hook up clients. In addition, goes along with accounts are the minimum deposit requirement. The higher the deposit, the harder for traders to begin their currency trading journey. Here we have:

  • Exness – no minimum deposit requirement
  • FBS – at least 1 dollar minimum deposit
  • HotForex – require 5 dollars minimum deposit


Based on our years of knowledge and experience, we orderly consider the best forex brokers 2018: Exness, HotForex, XM, FxPro. With easy breath on deposit, our recommendation is to pick up 2 brokers, and proceed. A month later, focus your fund to the broker that profits you better. Do your research carefully, diligent, and success will follow.

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