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Are you now ready for your big day? There are several things that you must take note before buying your wedding gown. Check out the tips below before you make your first gown appointment:

Set a Price in Mind

Don’t waste your time fitting several bryllupskjole which are out of your budget. You must start setting your budget first. Then, spend your time filtering the amazing gowns that you can actually afford. Take note that your dress budget does not include the gown prize only. It includes taxes, gown alterations, and shipping fees. Add to that the lingerie, shoes, jewelry, and veil which can increase quickly.

Begin Early

If you are decisive, you need to allocate six to nine months to get ready your gown. If you don’t really know what you want or you’re a picky shopper, then you can start looking 9 to 11 months ahead of time at JJ’s House. On average, customized gowns will take six to eight months, meanwhile, gowns full embellishments can take up to one year.

Why does it take so much time? To make the gown fit perfectly; the muslin version of the customized gown is made before the actual dress. As such, you must give yourself some time. If you put gown shopping for too long, your gown selection can be limited and you might regret your decisions in the long run. As soon as you have found your gown, it will take eight weeks to meet any alterations that you have.

Know the Dress Code

You must consider any religious restrictions when selecting your wedding gown. If the ceremony will take place in a church, check first if there are any guidelines on the attire that you are supposed to follow. Sometimes, there are religions who require the brides to cover their arms and shoulders during the wedding day.

Determine What You Like

To narrow down your wedding gown choices, take note of the venue, time, and season of your big day. Cross out the silhouettes and fabrics that will not work for you. For example, a bulky gown might not be suitable for a beach venue. Consider the styles that will boost or flatter your shape. If you are following a particular designer, you can check if there’s a trunk show in your area. Check their collections and you might even land a discount for your wedding gown. You can also check JJ’s House for your wedding gowns.

Call in Advance

A salon might carry your designer but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can have the bryllupskjole that you want. If you call in advance and ask for a specific style, the salon might be able to find the sample for you. Sometimes, you might get lucky and ask for help from a salesperson by walking in. However, scheduling an appointment will guarantee that you will have the undivided attention of the salesperson for a full hour. Moreover, the majority of the salons require that you book an appointment ahead of time to try their gowns. So make sure you do this in the first place.

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