Instagram is more popular than ever, and if your business isn’t already cashing in on the image-based social media platform’s high engagement rates, 2019 is a great time to start. To make your brand stand out in such a competitive environment, however, you need the right combination of marketing strategies and the resources to implement them.

Socialrocketer recently ranked the top 20 Instagram tools. Here are our top choices.

  1. SocialSteeze.

A successful marketing campaign means ensuring your content is visible to the people most likely to engage with it. SocialSteeze guarantees real followers for Instagram, not fake followers who will only hurt your engagement rates. Use the service to target specific hashtags, influencers you idolize, or your competitors’ followers. SocialSteeze works within the constraints of Instagram’s terms of use, so you know your account is secure.

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  1. Magic Social.

This Instagram service increases your exposure using smart filters that target hashtags, usernames, or locations. Describe your goals when you create your account, then sit back and watch your growth expert execute them. Whether your niche is travel photography or fitness wear, Magic Social will increase your likes and followers while you focus on creating content. Choose the regular package to get started or the pro membership to accelerate your growth.

  1. Iconosquare.

Whether you’re tracking the effectiveness of your hashtags or benchmarking your competition, Iconosquare provides the data you need for growth. The platform generates regular reports on your impressions, reach, and overall engagement. It also tells you what time of day your target audience is most likely to engage with your content, so you can schedule your posts accordingly. The advanced search feature allows you to filter results by date, type of media, number of likes, specific words appearing in photo captions, and many other options.


  1. Combin.

With this platform’s advanced search options and user analysis, growth hacking has never been easier. Search by hashtag, location, followers, followings, likes, or commenters and combine queries to identify your ideal audience. Skip celebrity profiles, weed out spam, and set filters to only accept posts from interaction-efficient accounts. Combin provides a follower manager to detect accounts that aren’t following you back and lets you unfollow them in one large batch.

  1. Follow Adder.

This tool bolsters growth by automating Instagram likes, follows, and comments. Rather than simply tracking which accounts follow yours, Follow Adder automatically follows users who follow you and uses keyword searching to pinpoint the accounts most likely to follow you back. This reciprocal process builds brand awareness while filtering out accounts with default profiles and minimal engagement. You can also create whitelists and blacklists and schedule engagement activities.

  1. Managed.Social.

While many Instagram automation tools promise quick results, Managed.Social is a cut above the rest in terms of customer service and marketing expertise. With plans ranging from 100 to 10,000 followers, this service uses advanced techniques to target active Instagram accounts and foster organic growth. Because they only accept a limited number of clients, you can rest assured your account will receive the necessary attention.

  1. Autohash.

On Instagram, using high-performing hashtags is essential for expanding your following. Autohash uses AI technology to identify objects in your photos and pinpoint the most relevant hashtags. The app saves your favorite hashtags to your clipboard, so all you have to do is paste them into your captions or comments. It also keeps count to avoid exceeding the 30-hashtag limit.


  1. SocialRank.

To grow your brand, you not only have to gain more followers but also engage with the followers who are the most active and offer the biggest return. SocialRank is a tool that organizes your list of followers and identifies which ones are the most valuable. Search by bio keywords, location, and many other factors to make sure you’re responding to your most engaged customers and rewarding them for their brand loyalty.

  1. Canva.

Growing your brand depends on cultivating a consistent brand image that will stand out from the crowd. Canva is a free tool for creating photos for your feed. Choose a handful of image formats and fonts to maintain your theme, then experiment with multi-image layouts, superimposed text, and a wide range of graphics. Canva is especially helpful for producing Instagram Stories that your current followers will recognize and potential followers will notice.

  1. SproutSocial.

This management platform offers an extensive selection of content publishing tools. Sprout’s new Instagram integration provides in-depth analytics on how each of your posts is performing. Track your account’s engagement, compare it to other accounts you manage, and discover new opportunities for growth. The unified inbox helps you build solid relationships with your followers through monitoring campaigns, responding to comments promptly, and sourcing user-generated content.

What Instagram tools have given you the best results? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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