What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can be defined as the marketing that involves selling of products and services to those who have influence of things that other people buy. In simple words it can be said that it is the type of marketing that does its promotion, marketing and selling of products with the help of those people who have good impact on the society and their minds.

These people who impacts the sales by influencing the consumers are called as influencers. They can be anyone, like a celebrity, a businessman, etc who wish to sell their product and services. Like for example, consider a 10 min advertisement of Lux soaps that is promoted by many celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, amongst others. Now they can be termed as influencers as they are helping the marketer to promote his business. Hence, this can be one influencer marketing.

Bloggers have become an important influencers in the market as they have genuine followers. And when a blogger writes about something, it may affect its followers. Similarly, if the blogger writes about any product, then that could definitely attract audience with an interest of knowing more about the product and services. And this can turn out to be more trustworthy than the traditional advertising.

Do not expect this trend to stop anytime soon. This is the most convenient platform as it continue to drive traffic for the brands who are looking forward to grow audience and improve sales. But the question is what you can do to get the outcome from influencer marketing. Let’s take a look at how to be successful with influencer marketing.

1)   Disclose Every Paid Piece of Content

When a content is written, then it needs influencer to promote it for the business. Now, when we see from the marketing point of view marketers or bloggers will not find a new influencer after every product or content or service. They would sign one single influencer for the upcoming projects as well. When this is done, then there should be a proposal of disclosure in between marketer and influencer about the profits and upcoming projects.

2) Review Each Paid Content

When the content is asked to share from influencers, then you need to keep a check and review whether your name has been utilised as the sponsor or service provider. This will keep away the fraud influencers who try to earn money by shortcut means.

3) Don’t Limit Your Influencers Marketing on One Platform

Now when marketing and small business comes in mind, the only means of promotion that strikes is Instagram. No doubt, it is a great platform for promotion of small business. But only limiting the influencers to Instagram will only generate limited audience. Hence, spread awareness and promotion on as many online and offline way. In this way you will get exposure to different types of audience that will benefit your content and hence business.

4) Utilisation of Influencer Marketing Tool

As the subtitle suggests, using tools for influencer marketing will definitely give you the desired outcome. Whit the growing era of influencer marketing, the need to find influencers and to maintain the relationship were the challenges that marketers faced. Finding the influencer and then convincing them for the collaboration can be time consuming.  So some tools have been introduced to make your life easier.

TapInfluence and Upfluence helps you to find influencers. SproutSocial is another tool that is introduced for facilitating the process.

5) Measuring the Marketing Tactic

Whenthe tactics are used for marketing purposes, then it is also necessary to keep a check that whether they are working or not. Measuring the results with analytical software is one of the smartest way to know about your business is making progress and where do we lack. This gives you the opportunity to make improvements in the process and content so that we can serve in better way in future.

6) Create Useful Content

This is the very obvious tactic of the marketing. You create useful, relevant, interesting content, influencer himself will take good interest in promoting it. For example, an influencer takes photo of the product or describes about their experience using it, this will not be content marketing but will be considered as an advertisements. So, avoid creating advertisements. Create the content that influences the market for long.

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