The bulk of the cryptocurrency headlines in 2017 were about Bitcoin, the first of its kind. Those who had invested in Bitcoin were able to enjoy huge returns as opposed to other forms of investment. After Bitcoin’s popularity, various other cryptocurrencies have also been introduced and more and more are being launched on a regular basis, all hoping to become the next Bitcoin. But, in order to introduce a cryptocurrency, startups require funding. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an unregulated means of raising funds for a new crypto venture. It bypasses the regulated and rigorous capital-raising processed required by banks and venture capitalists.

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Some of the top initial coin offerings you should watch out for in 2018 are listed as follows:

  • Cypherium

This is a team that includes developers who have backgrounds at Google, Amazon and Microsoft and they are working on a new blockchain, which will be permission-less and highly scalable. One of their unique features is a multi-level governance design that has been created and implemented from scratch. This means that governance is separated by the Cypheriumblockchain at both the application and protocol layers.

  • Loci

This is a venture-backed technology startup and has gained recognition for InnVenn. This is a DIY patent research tool and Loci has expanded its platform for including the ability of buying and selling intellectual property through LOCIcoin, its native utilitarian tokens. Furthermore, Loci aims to update and simplify the patent process. Therefore, they have given InnVenn the ability of posting disclosure and creation of new claims for IP on the Ethereumblockchain.

  • RightMesh

This protocol and platform is created for changing the way the world connects. RightMesh networks take advantage of blockchain technology for identifying nodes with secure Ethereum accounts and the network will grow with tokenization by giving users the incentive to share their device resources like storage, data and internet.

  • Rentberry

Since 2015, Rentberry has been disrupting the rental industry as it is a decentralized long-term rental platform. It possesses the ability of automating the steps required in the renting process, from paying rent to signing contracts. This can help both the landlord and tenant in saving time and money while speeding up the legal agreements between the two parties. Moreover, the smart contracts and blockchain technology of Rentberrygives tenants the ability of saving thousands of dollars in terms of rental security deposits.

  • Trippki

This is a decentralized travel rewards platform that’s aimed at re-establishing the relationship between travelers and hotels. Trippki leverages blockchain technology and this allows it to increase the versatility and flexibility of travel reward programs. When using this platform, people will find that there are different methods of both spending and earning reward points. This helps it in creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the hotel and its guests.

These are some of the top ICOs to look forward to in this year, but people also need to be cautious as some can be fraudulent as well and you don’t want to become a victim. ty e listed as follows:

o become the next Bitcoin.

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