Indesign files can be a hard nut to crack when it comes to translations. But we strive to crack this nut both speedily and professionally. We have a select group of Kingwana translators who are also well versed with indesign and have it installed on their computers.

Our dedicated Kingwana Indesign translators channel the logical flow of the laid out text so that translated text doesn’t disrupt the layout. This doesn’t mean resorting to extreme brevity or superfluous words but rather, employing pertinent words and phrases accordingly. Once the first draft of the Kingwana indesign translation has been finalized, we usually have a new team with a fresh pair of eyes that reviews it to ensure both consistency and accuracy.

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Translation Sample


The Law of Moses expresses God’s expectation that society should care for its most vulnerable members both by refraining from exploiting them and by providing for their basic needs.


Sheria ya Musa ina exprimer attente ya Mungu ya kwamba jamaa lazima ituze wa memba zake wale vulnérables kabisa, kwa ku éviter ku wa exploiter na ku fournir ku ma maitaji zao ya base.