We value our medical translations immensely because they are literally live-saving. We therefore draw a lot of joy and fulfilment from all medical translations that we handle. So much so that we always have a special discount for all medical translations.

Like all other technical translations into African languages like Luganda and Zulu, medical translations are not easy, primarily because of complicated medical terminologies.

So how exactly do we translate such terminologies? You may wonder. Well, all words in all languages, however simple or complicated the words may be have roots. We appreciate roots of terminologies and explore local equivalents of the same. This is just to give you an idea of what it takes to translate that difficult-to-pronounce ten-letter technical term into Kingwana.

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Translation Sample


The Law of Moses expresses God’s expectation that society should care for its most vulnerable members both by refraining from exploiting them and by providing for their basic needs.


Sheria ya Musa ina exprimer attente ya Mungu ya kwamba jamaa lazima ituze wa memba zake wale vulnérables kabisa, kwa ku éviter ku wa exploiter na ku fournir ku ma maitaji zao ya base.