Religion, mostly Christianity, plays a big role in DRC, Burundi and Rwanda. Because of this, we have encountered dozens of religious translations. We are therefore fully cognizant of the fact that it is quite easy to lose the original meaning in religious translations.

Religious text is often fraught with deeper spiritual meaning that can easily be lost in translation. We are vigilant of such deeper meaning and knowledgeable of the Kingwana words and meanings necessary to translate them.

Indeed, we have many years experience in professional Kingwana religious translation.

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Translation Sample


The Law of Moses expresses God’s expectation that society should care for its most vulnerable members both by refraining from exploiting them and by providing for their basic needs.


Sheria ya Musa ina exprimer attente ya Mungu ya kwamba jamaa lazima ituze wa memba zake wale vulnérables kabisa, kwa ku éviter ku wa exploiter na ku fournir ku ma maitaji zao ya base.