Dozens of reasons exist regarding not being able to pay the rent. Perhaps a computer glitch prevented you from working the whole pay period. You didn’t get paid.

Maybe your car died, and you can’t replace it. You’re taking the bus or walking to whatever work is close to home, but it isn’t enough to pay all of the rent. You’re searching for a second job. Serious illness and the resulting medical bills are another reason you can’t pay the rent.

Just as there are many reasons you need help paying rent, there are as many solutions to the problem. The first and foremost is to learn how to plan a budget for rent You’ll be using the worksheet to plan a budget for rent method.

Other solutions exist, though, such as get personal loan online. Don’t panic if you haven’t a clue how to construct a budget. Lots of people don’t. Thus, they have recourse to a personal loan or emergency cash loans. First, though, let’s examine some of those solutions.

Rent Payments From The Landlord’s Point Of View

Since your rent payment makes the landlord’s mortgage payment each month, he’ll do whatever it takes to make his payments on time. When you tell him you need help paying rent, and you’re checking into getting a loan for paying rent, the landlord knows that in a definite amount of time, he’ll be able to make his own payments.

Acquaint The Landlord With The Circumstances

Let’s say you just got out of hospital. You need to tell your landlord now that you’ll be late with the rent, or you can only pay a portion of it, due to illness. Show him how you’ll handle paying the rent in full, and if possible give him a timetable. Chances are good he’ll work with you.

Negotiate For More Time Or Ask If You Can Make Payments

Being honest with your landlord is the best policy. It’s expensive to evict you, clean and/or repair the premises, and find a new tenant. Even if you opt for taking out a rental loan, you can ask the landlord for extra time to pay rent. Nine times out of ten, you’ll get it.

It would be quicker to get a personal loan online, and you can pay your rent sooner than you told your landlord you’d pay it. It’s only a temporary fix to the real problem, though. Learning how to plan a budget for rent is the most important part of renting, whether or not you use the worksheet to plan a budget for rent method.

Pay As Much As You Can Right Now

While you’re working on a loan for paying rent, gather whatever funds you can to give the landlord on time. It may only be one third, but the landlord will see you making a good faith effort to pay your rent. That’s important. Work on getting a rent loan within budget, but give the landlord something.

Put Every Word Of Your Plans In Writing

Your landlord needs to see your take on how to plan a budget for rent, whether you’re taking out a personal loan or taking out a rental loan, even if you have ways to save on rent. These points, in writing, gives him an idea you have concrete methods for dealing with your finances.

Put every word you and your landlord discuss in writing. Include what happened to make you unable to pay rent, what funds you have on hand, your plans to get the rent money, and the timetable involved. Add your landlord’s views and reaction to your plans.

This will be your backup plan if you’re evicted. You’ll have a record of what happened, which will protect you in court.


Getting personal loans online are often the only recourse people have to handle a problem. However, you’ll need to differentiate between loan companies and companies that direct you to the right loan company for your purposes. They perform a vital service for you, so check them out today.

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