Crowdfunding is slowly becoming a mainstream concept in the fundraising landscape in India. More and more nonprofits as well as individual activists are using crowdfunding to raise funds for their chosen causes and to reach numberless donors who are contributing money to bring social change projects to fruition. Crowdfunding India is convenient for the NGO to run because it is quick and easy, because there is no initial outlay to run the campaign, and because there is no payback involved on the part of the non profit campaigner. However, NGO crowdfunding also offers certain excellent advantages for the donor community who help write fundraising success stories through their generous contributions.

What are these plus points? Why should donors come forward to participate in crowdfunding endeavors happening across the nation? Find out why:

  • Crowdfunding India campaigns are vetted by their platform before they go live. As a donor, if you give to a crowdfunding platform, you are giving in a safe and secure way, and in an environment where there is minimal risk of fraud.
  • With crowdfunding, you can give as little or as much as you want to. Any little contribution is welcome to the campaigner. That is the whole idea of crowdfunding, democratic and inclusive as a process, that leverages the power of the crowd, and does not put pressure on any one donor to make a big donation, but rather counts on little gifts from many to meet fundraising goals.
  • As a donor you can give online to a crowdfunding campaign. You can give through net banking, via a payment wallet, using a debit or a credit card, or by making a UPI transaction. As long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop, you can give to a campaign of your choice.
  • Which brings us to the very important point of being able to exercise choice in the matter of picking which cause you want to support. Crowdfunding platforms showcase multitudes of projects, and give their body of donors a chance to select the ones they want to donate to.
  • With crowdfunding, donors have the option of putting their weight behind individuals too (as in the case of medical crowdfunding campaigns) and not just to nonprofits or social enterprises or people looking to start businesses.

Donations in India are being made with higher frequency than ever before, and innovations in fundraising like crowdfunding India are encouraging donor participation and helping people rise about individual and communal problems. Try crowdfunding today to help yourself and yours.

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