It’s a trend among every successful filmmaker to go beyond means and in the perils of risk to make their project(s) full of quality. They might go crazy after a single shot or choose landscape lingering around danger, but they would be steadfast about carrying out their jobs perfectly. It’s simply a passion that drives them towards even the most dangerous of landscapes and conditions. Every remarkable filmmaker on earth has a story to tell about how they once took too much of a risk to achieve something during one of the projects.

Is it passion or insanity?

It could be both, but not measuring equal. It is a popular assumption that when a filmmaker makes his/her mind to something, they do what it takes to get it done. It’s not about a mere boost of ego or seeking validation but they rather recognize overcoming risks and accomplishing the seemingly impossible as challenges of their career which profoundly motivate them.

What goes on a filmmaker’s mind when taking huge risks?

“I remember thinking – this would be a horrible place to die!”, said Joel Edwards, a filmmaker, director,and executive producer, describing how he once hiked down a glacier for a single shot.

In a recent interview, The Edwards Brothers of the Evolve Studio who have had a phenomenal career as filmmakers, boasting a set of quality productions in terms of documentaries, short films, promos, etc., reveal what it’s like working amid risky conditions.

The Edwards Brothers reveal while hiking down the glacier, they encountered an exuberantly deep hole. Nobody knew what was down that hole, yet the duo decided to risk it and reach down there. It was freezing cold and could only accommodate two people. It was like an ice abyss, as told by Jesse Edwards.

They recall how dangerous it got… they were after a shot of someone climbing the hole. They asked a guide to do so and during that, they were constantly beaten by ice chips falling off the guide’s shoes right on to them like bullets. Jesse explains that during all that, his side of the ice surface broke apart and he almost fell in.

They did get the shot of a person climbing up the glacier but it wasn’t the quality they were looking for. The footage was disrupted by haze and the operation went in vain. However, for The Edwards Brothers, succumbing to failure was not the point.

The incident serves as an example in explaining how these experts tend to take an enormous risk when it comes to working. Creating some of the best productions in the world has always involved risks and it is part of the job most filmmakers are accustomed to, some train themselves and some just remind themselves of payday.

The key takeaway here is the fire of passion that burns in them and the adrenaline that drives them to take such steps. Not everyone is likely to take risks stupidly, they do measure up and evaluate everything in their mind. It’s never a suicide mission.

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