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Most people amongst us do not think in the wildest of their dreams that they would ever need to talk to a personal injury attorney when they leave home. However, the need of talking to one such lawyer is obvious, given the plethora of innumerable potential hazards that is confronted by people every day. To list some of them are broken steps, faulty products, unsafe drivers, unleashed dogs and so on. The injury and emergency rooms of the hospitals bears testimony to the multiple hazardous obstacle confronted by people every day. It is true that all these are not caused by negligence or caused intentionally, but some of them result from such acts. Cartwright Law Firm fulfils the duty of providing justice to the victim of personal injury in the form of compensation.

Basis of Liability

A defendant is liable to personal liability if he/she is responsible for any economic or non-economic loss that the victim has undergone. The most common liability of the defendant is his negligence. If explained elaborately, negligence refers to the failure in exercising the duty of care for the prevention of possible harm. Although majority of personal injury cases constitute of inadvertent accidents, intentional attacks like sexual assault or physical attack are applicable to it. In order to hold a party financially responsible for the harm caused to the victim, the presence of strict liability is required. By strict liability, we mean any such liability that comes under the jurisdiction of law.

Reasons for Choosing Cartwright Law Firm

There are ample reasons for victims to consult Cartwright Law Firm. They have a convincing winning record. Although the results do not provide guarantee of the case’s success, the ability of working can’t be undermined. Every year the firm passes with flying colors in all its examinations. They have ample financial resources required for any serious injury unlike many who are persuaded to settle for less than their actual worth. The size of the firm is also a factor. They have innumerable lawyers who are assigned for one single case if necessary. The lawyers have at hand legal assistants, investigators, experts as well as administrators. Not only in number, has the firm excelled in having quality professionals, but also they are trained and apt to represent their firm. They are known for dealing with a variety of matters ranging from personal injury to elder abuse.

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