Every business owner wants to make as much sales as possible. You might have generated a lot of leads but converting them into sales is the hardest and most important part. The more the sales the more the profit and who does not love profit?

What are the mistakes you might be making?

Maybe you focused most on the SEO. SEO is important. You could say it is most important to maintain credibility. When people search for something and watch you on Google first page[หน้า แรก google, which is the term in Thai] they trust you automatically as a big brand. But the organic traffic you get is hard to convert into a prospect. Mostly they are people looking for some answers.

What you should do?

Even though ranking higher on Google and getting organic traffic is a good thing, you should focus on other ways to get sales. If you are a business owner, your first priority should be sale and rest will follow.

That’s why you should focus on SMM. Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools to get decent traffic that would easily convert.

Why SMM works better

The reason why SMM works better than organic traffic is because you will be getting the traffic that has the mindset of a buyer. If someone clicks on your ad which shows you are selling something, it only means that they are interested in buying from you. The only reason they will not buy is if you are not providing the same product or quality as you have mentioned in your ads.

How SMM works

You create ads on various social media platforms. People who are already interested in buying the product would look at the ad and click on it. That way you will get the traffic with the mindset of a buyer hence easier to convert into a sale.

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