Books, vases, ribbons, dishes, and even the wallpaper that has been left out of the bedroom, all can be utilized to give you a fresh look at your space. Adopt the following ideas to change the decoration of your personal space with items you already have at home but you no longer use it.

Unexpected combinations

The easiest way to fit a vintage piece into a modern room is to refresh it. We do not mean to “pamper” it to regain its lost luster. But … transform it.

To match an old piece next to a modern one, it must adopt “something” from the time it lives and dwells … now. That is, today. And as always the color gives the solution. Choose a fresh color and a new fabric and you will see how it will be modernized in the moment.

Depending on the use, the space and the other objects do not be afraid to choose a strong eccentric color, dash a fluo orange tint into an old wooden armchair and combine it with a black and white carpet. The combination refers to the ethnic style but the final picture is absolutely modern.

Otherwise, a very simple cabinet can be decorated and get more traditional style with the technique of stencil and the floral patterns you choose for its surface. You can also add sustainable design posters on the wall to achieve a great result.

Take advantage of the glass bottles and jars you do not use. Choose those that have similar shades to give a uniform image and blend in with the space – this will also help with the appropriate flowers if you choose to use them as vases.

Show souvenirs from your travels and holidays, incorporating them into compositions and decorative baskets such as shells, starfish, which add a more personal tone to the decoration as they reflect pleasant memories and experiences of your life. You can also start a collection of small bottles where each one will keep sand from the area you visited.

Use paper or upholstery to dress the back of a boring library or rafter, which will take style and highlight the objects to be placed in front of it.

Put color and touches of living in a room in the simplest way: Add colored strips to a monochrome lamp or ribbons in a simple glass jar and refresh it.

Remove the old grandmother’s dishes from the drawer or anything you do not use anymore and create a disposable cupboard that will give a pop note over the bed or the wall of your living room.

Give a different use to an item you already have. You can take an old wooden stool, for example, which you can relish in any room or store and use it instead of a side table.

Use your old wooden hangers for a more stylish and special way to hang posters in your room, giving a more handmade and distinctive tone to the wall.

If you have a fireplace that has fallen into disuse for a long time, you can cover the unused space with books and give the impression of an original library.

Place the old colored blankets you do not use and place them on your uncovered benches or the sofas to color the room.

Sometimes it is better to let the professionals do their jobs. They know how to create a new piece by combining old with new materials without destroying an entire salon in their quest to see how they will do it.

Others are inspired by combining many different materials onto the same object. Because of their dual personality these pieces can easily be incorporated in both a traditional environment and a modern, a luxury or a casual.

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