West Virginia is a great hiding place away from the hectic metro life and overpopulated areas. It attracts multiple newcomers even if the stats of all kinds reveal that it is not an ideal place for relocating. The plus points people consider are affordable COL [cost of living], mountain scenes, and appealing riverfront. Imagine the amount of fresh air nature lovers can breathe in.

The state has its downsides like low-quality education and healthcare system, economic collapse, drug issues, and lack of jobs. Nevertheless, there are signs of promising better tomorrow due to incoming funds for local development. It is a good chance for you to gain momentum.

The thought of moving to a Mountain State is thrilling but there is a lot to do. Hire reliable movers to pack and deliver your belongings safely to the new home. Besides, there is the requirement to have your car transported because driving it from Texas to Virginia is not a good idea. It can add mileage as the driving distance is more than 18 hours.

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Best places to reside in West Virginia

You will desire an outdoor adventure, beautiful nature, historic background, thrilling festivals, and a hip location in West Virginia.


This small city is WV’s capital with 50,000 residents. The lifestyle is laid-back, which every townie misses. The traffic is low, so your ride is easy and fast. You gain access to the state and interstate highway. The public airport Yeager is four miles away.

The riverfront views in Charleston are stunning. There are safe neighborhoods and the residents can enjoy decent public schools, colleges, and universities. Good job opportunities, friendly community, and low COL is the advantage of this place.


Morgantown is a nice college town with 30,000 residents. The West Virginia University attracts the youths and there are blue-ribbon educational institutions. It also has several best state clinics and hospitals in the town. The job opportunities in Morgantown are swelling as the population is increasing due to universities and local businesses. In terms of recreation, there are outdoor activities like walking trails, biking, parks, and sports facilities.


The residents feel proud of their impressive landscape and the popular arch bridge New River Gorge Bridge. Fayetteville attracts hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, game fishermen, hikers, rock climbers, trail runners, and zip liners from all across the globe. Due to this, the local economy is fueled by tourism. The community is friendly and the crime rate is low.


A tiny riverside town nestled against a beautiful mountain backdrop. The population is 7,000 and you can explore some prominent historic mansions, art centers, museums and even enjoy some outdoor recreation activities. Walking and bike trails, skateboarding zones, horseshoe pit, playgrounds, and courts are available at the local parks.

Huntington and Fairmont are also a couple of towns, you can consider in West Virginia to stay in and ensure to enjoy a life-changing move!

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