ginating in the Latin word praesens , this is a concept with multiple uses and meanings. It is an adjective that allows you to refer to the time that passes in the current moment or to the one in which a person is when he tells something. To cite some examples: “You cannot always be thinking about the past: you have to live in the present” , “The actor went through several complicated moments, but now he enjoys a happy and full present(which is the term in Thai ของรับไหว้with his family” , “The present The team is very poor and the future also looks complicated . ”

An individual who is present, on the other hand, is one who is in front of someone or who went with him to the same place: “I wanted to warn you that tomorrow I will not be present in class since I must go to the doctor” , “Marcos was present when the criminal entered his home ” , “ I will not be present on your birthday: I have to travel a day before for work reasons ” .

In other contexts, the word present can function as a synonym for a gift or gift that is offered to a person as a sign of affection or recognition: “I bought you a small present” , “I will have to think about a gift: I cannot reach my friend’s wedding without a present, Look at the present that my boss gave me for my commitment to the company.

There are several uses of it, which are known as:

* Present present (an action that occurs at the same time in which it is being mentioned; it can be short or last for a certain time. For example: «Today came the order”.);

* Present habitual (an action that takes place in succession with a certain periodicity but is not continuous. For example: «On Tuesdays I go to therapy».);

* Gnomic or timeless present (events that take place outside a certain time, express sentence, truth or knowledge. For example: “Human beings cannot fly.

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