Personal injury incorporates physical or bodily injury, mental injury due to negligence of another person or entity. The entity can be anything and it can be a company, agency of a government or other entities. Attorneys practicing personal injury cases in courts deal with cases where the litigant suffer injuries from traffic collisions or fall and slip accidents, is a victim of workplace injuries, professional malpractice, is a victim of cheating, victim of defamation, false imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution. Personal injury attorneys practice in that area of law which is also referred to as tort law.

If you are a victim of physical or mental injury or a victim of workplace injuries, professional malpractice, cheating, defamation, false arrest or imprisonment, malicious prosecution then you can file a personal injury lawsuit and demand compensation for the personal injury that has been caused.

Steps Involved in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Following are a few steps that every litigant in a personal injury lawsuit requires following:-

First, consult a professional attorney regarding your case.

Assist your counsel with the facts of the case.

Demand a package.

File a personal injury lawsuit.

An important part of the personal injury lawsuit is investigation.



Finally, appeal.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury and personal injury cases can result because of one or more of the following reasons:-

Car accident is a common type where the litigant is a victim of car accident, suffered bodily injuries because of accident. A careless car driver is usually responsible for the personal injuries caused because of accident.

Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury the litigant is a victim of carelessness by medical professionals. Sometimes medical malpractice arises because of the medical professional’s lack of skill or competence. In this context it is important to say that medical malpractice cases can be of complex types.

Slip and fall cases are personal injury cases that are caused as a result of property owner’s carelessness. Every property owner is expected to keep their premises secured, safe and free from hazards. In this context it is important to say that the slip and fall cases are covered under the premises liability laws.

Defamation, false arrests or imprisonment, malicious persecution can also lead to personal injury cases.

Dog bites can also result in filing personal injury lawsuit by the litigant.

Assault, intentional torts also can lead to filing of personal injury lawsuit by the victim.

Irrespective of the type of personal injury, the victim of bodily or mental injury can refer to relevant law firms online. There are many law firms like the Gordon & Gordon Law Firm hire qualified and experienced attorneys in their legal team. These law firms maintain web portals where they highlight the services they have to offer to the clients.  

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