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There’s no place like home. It’s where your most prized possessions are placed. It’s where you feel safest, secure, and comfortable. Your house is also where you go to after a bad day or an exhausting shift at work. The thing is you also have to do proper maintenance and upkeep. The last thing you want to go home to is a depressing and dull pigsty. On the bright side, there are plenty of ways to improve your house.

Here are five home projects that can boost your mood:

Work on Your Windows

Consider replacing your windows or your curtains to let in more natural light. With custom-made windows, you can have frames that fit your home perfectly. You can also pick the design, so you don’t have to paint it and it opens the way you want it.

Curtains are fast and easy solutions to your lighting problems. There are suede and tweed curtains that are heavy and keep the light out. On the other hand, there are also sheer varieties that let light in while also providing privacy. Before you buy curtains, you have to consider a few factors. If the room gets a lot of light, stay away from brightly colored curtains. Sunlight causes colors to fade so it’s best to stick to dark hues. Your curtain should also fit in with the room’s interior. It doesn’t matter if it looks good on its own if it sticks out like a sore thumb in your living room. Make sure to measure your walls before you buy new curtains. Add a few inches to the measurements so it won’t be too short or too narrow when you take it home.

Several studies have shown that exposure to natural light can improve a person’s mood. People have higher levels of serotonin on sunny days compared to dark, cloudy days. Sunlight also has an effect on people’s physical health. Exposure to natural light helps improve a person’s sleep quality which affects metabolism. It can also help you get the nutrients you need. Vitamin D, which keeps your bones strong, is produced when ultraviolet B rays reach your skin. But be sure to wear sunscreen if you’re going to spend a lot of time near the window.

Get Some Artificial Lighting

Unfortunately, not all homes get natural light. A lot of apartments and rooms are blocked by other buildings. Even if the area gets a lot of sunlight, you don’t really get to enjoy the benefits. The great news is that there’s still something you can do about it. You can install light fixtures to make your home look more vibrant to make yourself feel better.

One of the downsides of sunlight is that it’s not visible throughout the year. For places with four distinct seasons, it’s gloomy and cloudy for several months per year. This has an effect on people’s mental health. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, around a quarter of people experience seasonal affective disorder. It’s a type of depression that’s caused by low exposure to sunlight. While it typically goes away in the beginning of spring, it can get worse during winter. One of the most common treatments is light therapy which is exposure to artificial light.

Besides improving your mood, light can also help you become more productive. This is especially useful if you’re one of the millions of Americans who started working from home due to the pandemic. You probably don’t have a home office or any dedicated work area at home.

Expert David Gray has five rules for lighting: span, control, quality, variety, and focus. Even if you already have good light fixtures, you can add more so you’ll have more options. If you buy the right type, it can even save you money in the long run.

Pick a New Color

It’s not just light that has a lot of positive effects. Colors can also be very powerful. It can make a place look larger than it actually is. It can even affect the temperature of your home. Most of all, it can make you happier, calmer, or excited.

Follow what you like. It’s not only your wall colors that matter. It’s also about your furniture and decor. If you want to incorporate vivid colors, make sure you do it moderately. Think less is more. For example, you can use teal or peach as accents alongside colors like grays and blacks. If you go overboard, it would look abrasive instead of vibrant.

Home projects aren’t only done to improve your property value or curbside appeal. They can also improve your well-being. The trick is to pick the right projects.


Meta title: Mood Booster: Home Projects That Can Make You Happier

Meta description: When it comes to home projects, the usual intent is to improve property value and decor. But there are also projects that can boost your mood. Find out how the right light and color at home can make you happier.

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