Do you want to buy a new laptop? There are too many choices. With a little planning and considering your needs, you can exclude most laptops from the search and focus on laptops that meet your habits and budget.

  1. Consider the main uses of laptops. The main use of laptops will have the greatest impact on the laptops you get. People use computers for countless reasons, but general use falls into one of the following categories. When you look at your laptop, keep the following in mind:

Office/School Work-Computers are usually used for word processing, research, spreadsheets and other professional and academic tasks.

Games-Play the latest and best games, but still use the computer to perform other tasks.

Web Usage-Mainly uses computers to access websites, e-mail, streaming video and social media.

Media Production-Use your computer as a workstation to record music, edit videos, or process images.

  1. Understand the advantages of laptops. As laptops become more and more powerful, the advantages of desktop computers will continue to shrink. Laptops are portable. This is the main reason for buying laptops. Laptops can be carried almost everywhere and are getting thinner and thinner.

The performance of laptops is getting closer and closer to that of desktop computers. Nowadays, there are few programs that desktop computers can run, while laptops cannot. In general, you can still perform most computing tasks when you sacrifice some performance at the expense of portability. Laptops can save a lot of space. Desktop computers with towers, monitors, keyboards, and mice may take up a lot of space in the home office or bedroom. Laptops only need a little desk space.

  1. Understand the drawbacks of laptops. Laptops are becoming more and more powerful and lighter. There are still some shortcomings to consider. Laptops are limited by batteries. In more cases, you still need to connect to the power supply. Due to its portable nature, laptops are more likely to be stolen or lost than desktop computers. If you want to set up an office, you may need to choose a desktop instead of a laptop.

Laptops cannot be upgraded as easily as desktops. This means that they become obsolete faster than desktop computers. Storage or memory can be upgraded. The processor or display card cannot be upgraded.

Laptops are difficult to assemble on their own. One of the benefits of desktop computers is that you can build it yourself, which may save money.

  1. Set a budget. Remember the budget when you start looking at laptop models. The price of an Internet laptop or Chromebook is about 300-400 US dollars. The price of a standard laptop is 500-1200 US dollars, and the replacement price of a desktop computer is 900-2500 US dollars. If you are considering using a Mac, please note that the price of a Mac is usually higher than that of similar Windows or Linux laptops. And there are regional differences in prices. For example, if you buy laptops in UK, the price may be slightly different from that in other countries.

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