Coorg is also known as Kodagu. It is a district in Karnataka. Coorg is a year round holiday destination with suitable weather all twelve months. October to March is the best time to go for trekking and other adventure activities. From March to April the place experiences white flower blossoms and is a pleasant sight. Here is a list of places you can visit in Coorg:

1.Mallalli falls:  One of the must visit falls during a visit to Coorg/Sakhlespura. During monsoon the falls is in full glory. One has to get down approx 400 steps to go much nearer to the falls. Carry enough water just to be on a safer side.

2.TalaKaveri Temple: Thisplace is located close to 1200 meters above sea level. This is where the inception of Kaveri is. It’s amazing to see the river coming out of a spring and flowing through to make it a huge river. The place is sacred and has temple where one can perform rituals. The place is so beautiful that one would feel like spending some precious time meditating and have peace of mind.

3.Thandiyandamol Hills: This place is nice to visit when you are there for trekking. They don’t allow private cars to enter so you have use their cars.  Nice place to see sunset and sunrise.

4.Irpu falls: Trek through the lightly forested area to reach the falls and once there, get underneath the water falling from such a height to get nature’s body massage. It is an awesome experience.

5.Harangi backwaters: This place is surrounded by resorts. It is the best place for barbeque parties. If you want to chill and spend some time relaxing, this is the place to go to. It is also a good place for photo shoots.

Coorg is well connected with the cities like Mysore, which is 118 kms away; Bangalore which is around 255 kms away, Mangalore which is 139 kms away. You can hire cabs and even take trains to Coorg.

If you are planning to take a train from Goa to reach Coorg, you should know that Coorg does not have a train station. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore, which is at a distance of 99 kms from Coorg. And to know where is your train, make use of online tools.

The distance between Goa and Coorg is approximately 396 kms. It takes around 10 hours to reach Coorg from Goa if you take a train. There are a number of overnight and day trains that leave from Madgaon to Coorg that are available. Chandera is the nearest Railway station to Coorg. It is about 31 kms from Mangalore airport. Popular trains that travel to Coorg are Shatabdi Express, Sharavathi Express, Mysore Express, Aii Mysore Express, Chamundi express, Kannur express, Yesvantpur express, Karwar express, Rajyaraniexpress, Golgumbaz express, Hampi express, Malgudi express, Basava Express, Bagmati express, Tippu express, SwarnaJayanti, HwhMys Express, Chamrajnagar Mysore express, Nanjangud Mysore Passenger train, Tirupati passenger train, Bangalore Mysore Passenger, etc.

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