While travelling to one of Indonesia’s tourist gems popularly known as Labuan Bajo, it is highly likely that seeing the famous Komodo Dragons is among the first things on your list. Sitting peacefully with a plethora of wonders waiting for you to explore, this picturesque town ensures that the Komodo dragon is not the only interesting thing to see when you visit.

What was once a small fishing site, Labuan Bajo has flourished to become the gateway to a number of exotic destinations in Indonesia such as the Rinca Island, Komodo Island and Padar Island among many other smaller islands. Labuan Bajo is not only known as the city of sunset, but it also prides itself in having numerous vantage points where you can go to enjoy every end of the day and bear witness to the spectacular sky. The following are attractions that are worth exploring if you’re thinking of passing through Labuan Bajo to Komodo or any other destination within this region.

Kampung Melo

Simply known as Kampung, this place is Labuan Bajo’s tourist destination for culture enthusiast. Here, visitors are welcomed with a traditional Manggarai caci dance which is a war dance that is performed in numerous traditional ceremonies to celebrate their Indonesian culture.  This dance is considered a popular warm greeting when welcoming important guests.

Aside from the cultural aspect, Kampung also offers a stunning picturesque view that is a perfect backdrop for photos.

Cancar village

The Cancar village which is a unique tourist spot serves as a great alternative if you want to get closer to nature. While here, expect to marvel at the rice paddy fields which are uniquely formed to create a giant spider web. Usually, travellers climb the Puncak Weol hill to take in the fantastic view.

Additionally, the wind in Cancar village is gusty while the air is refreshing providing a relaxing atmosphere that is enjoyable and suitable to find peace. In order to reach here however, you will have to pass through several nature attractions such as mountains, lush green forest and hills making your trip even more fun.

Batu Cermin Cave

Batu Cermin Cave is a fascinating place to visit despite some parts of it being man-made. The cave features fossils of sea creatures on its walls proving that it had once rested at the bottom of the ocean.

The cave’s name means ‘mirror stone’ because its walls reflect sunlight streaming through an opening in the ceiling which in turn creates a mirror-like effect.

Gili Laba

Located in Komodo National Park, Gili Laba prides itself in having enchanting panoramic views coupled with pristine beaches and breathtaking underwater scenes.  Here, you will find plenty of liveaboards featuring the Gili Laba sunrise as part of their itinerary. The scenery here features a myriad of beautiful landscapes including shallow beaches, green hills, soothing wind, blue water and bushes as well as wild grass.

This place is ideal if you are a fan of trekking. The perfect time to visit is either in the morning or afternoon. Ensure that you reach to the top of the hill for the magnificent view of the surrounding azure blue ocean and signature hills. The trek should take you about 40 minutes.

Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Take a deep into the sparkling freshwater pools near Cunca Wulang Waterfall which is located about 19 miles from Labuan Bajo. If you are a daring visitor, you can dive off of the blue streams that envelop the cliff faces and rocks or just simply swim. You can also hike through the surrounding forest or the canyon itself. All in all, remember to put on comfortable footwear for the trek.

Labuan Bajo can be the ideal getaway if you’re looking for some adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you want to conquer land or sea, this small town is sure to have something for everyone.

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