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In 1870, Mitsubishi was originally founded as a shipping firm, now Mitsubishi automobiles are appreciated for their SUVs and trucks and is largely the buyers’ first choice in the automobile market. So here are reasons to go to Mitsubishi center in “Kanchanaburi” (มิต ชู กาญจนบุรี, which is the term in Thai) and purchase a Mitsubishi vehicle if you’re looking to buy one.


Mitsubishi’s automotive industry has been driven by its innovations history. In 1917, the brand had set the pace for car production in Japan, producing Model-A. In 1936, they also introduced the first full-time four-wheel-drive on the Japanese market. In the following decades, Mitsubishi has steadied innovation and leads the automobile industry in the production of upgraded technologies

Four-wheel Control

As mentioned earlier, in 1936, Mitsubishi first introduced the four-wheel-drive vehicles. But it didn’t end there; they have a strong reputation for producing some of the world’s most reliable and most upgraded four-wheel-drive vehicles, winning in the World Rally Championship. The brand also won more than any other brands in the iconic Paris-Dakar Rally, wining 12 times.


Dependability, reliability, and warranty are common words associated with the Mitsibushi brand. The brand is backed globally and it’s clear to see why. Mitsubishi vehicles are reliable and durable and backed with their traditional 10/5/5 warranty.

Where “10” stands for 10-year warranty for the powertrain, “5” is 5-year new vehicle limited warranty for most of the Mitsubishi parts. And finally, the last “5” is a 5-year, Roadside Assistance constantly available.

Value for Money

This is one of Mitsubishi’s most appealing assets. Even with their quality, dependability and reliability features, the brand still offers there product for the right price. Mitsubishi is perfect for you if you’re high tech and a well-equipped vehicle that will provide value for money.

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