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Wearing boots in winter, it is possible when feet are sweating, and shoes go bad inside. In general, the more the shoe rests, the longer it serves, so you need to change shoes.

Have lightweight shoes at work: for examples, sneakers. At school, obey the attendants and carry another pair of shoes, do not be too lazy to do the same at the university. If you do not like to walk indoors in winter boots, wear some other shoes if you have to spend several hours somewhere else.

When there is no second pair of winter shoes, this is the only and good way to let the main pair have some rest at least during the day.

Leather, nubuck and suede are chemistry sensitive. Bad creams and waterproof sprays that contain alcohol or silicone will eventually damage the skin properties: strength, elasticity, smoothness.

Use natural dye-free wax. In order not to miscalculate, buying a shoe care product, it is enough to read the composition: manufacturers are required to write the whole truth. It will be ideally, if the composition contains mink oil and beeswax. A jar with 50 milliliters of good wax will cost not so much as you think; can be found and more expensive, but the composition will be approximately the same.

When you clean your shoes in Manhattan, pay special attention to the seams: on top and near the soles. So it turns out to protect the shoes from getting wet even without a spray.

In recent years, some people have been using colored cream to clean their shoes two or four times during the whole winter. In fact, liquid creams with dyes mainly give the shoes a marketable appearance, and take care of the leather only secondarily.

You cannot clean shoes, made of suede and nubuck, with ordinary wax and other thick creams that are not specifically designed for this.

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