Lingerie is one important part of the woman hood and is considered as the most important part of a woman. Lingerie is basically intimate wear that is worn by most of the women in order to keep their body in shape as well as look really good in it. There are many types of lingerie that are available these days and each lingerie has its own importance and usage. You can prefer to visit in order to know about various types of lingerie as well as shop some of the sexy lingerie that you can buy and tease your partner by wearing it. Mentioned below are some of the types of lingerie that you can buy.

Thongs/G-string: Thongs or G-string are the innerwears that are very provocative to look at. These are basically the bottom wear with provide least possible coverage to your butt and pubic region. These bottom wear are the ultimate sexy lingerie that you can wear in order to arouse your partner. G-string almost provides the complete view of your butt that your partner will surely appreciate. Another advantage that comes with thongs is that they don’t provide you with any kind of visible panty lines with any type of clothing that you wear.

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Shape wear: Shape wear is another innerwear that you can wear in order to keep your body in shape. This innerwear is the tight dress that keeps your body tight and in shape. These shape wear are made up of stretchable material and they create pressure on your body so that the portion covered by these shape wear must remain tight and in shape. Those women who have bulgy body can prefer to wear shape wear on a daily basis to make their body look attractive. These shape wear are really comfortable to wear and provide support to your breast, belly region, butts and thighs.

Camisoles: Camisoles are more of a practical kind of lingerie that you can wear. These camisoles are really comfortable to wear and cover your upper body. These are one very common everyday essential wear that you can wear in the day time as well as in the night time. They look really fancy and do provide you with real comfort that you may want. You can wear these camisoles under your shirt to cover up your breasts. They provide you with excellent ventilation as well as very light and loose to wear. These camisoles are made available in many colors and styles; you can mix and match them with your bottom wear as well.

Corsets: Corset is the lingerie that is very great to wear for those women who are a bit fat from their belly region. Corsets can amazingly reduce your waist size and can make you look really slim and in perfect shape. It acts as camouflage that hides all your bulgy skin inside itself and provides you with the best figure that you may want. It will also refine your body figure and will provide you with hourglass body figure. So, if you want to amaze your partner, then corsets are the best to have in your wardrobe.

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