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Being stuck at home for months has given many of us girls the chance to work out and get in the best shape possible. That one opportunity that would free us of all other stressors, so we could finally focus more on ourselves. 

However, despite getting so far and making much progress, why is the last stretch much harder to get through? We’ve been working up a sweat day in and day out, are we just not destined to have that well-toned body?

Now, before you start clouding your mind with thoughts of giving up, listen to this. Did you know that there’s something that we’ve yet to shed light on? We are missing one piece to complete this sexy body puzzle.

And no, it’s not some secret formula or recipe we’ve dug up from the deep end of fitness magazines (despite how cool that sounds). It’s actually much simpler than that, and we’ve just been turning a blind eye.

Yes, ladies, that one thing we need to put more focus on—our protein intake. 

Time to Dispel Some Protein Myths

We all know that protein is an essential nutrient, and it’s safe to say that the majority of us understand that they are the building blocks for healthy muscles. However, with a large portion of women’s fitness fixated on fat-burning workouts, toned bodies, and complicated diets. It has lead many of our sisters to believe that intense workout sessions are all it takes.

What’s worse is that it has given protein a lousy image. With it is often related to bodybuilders and huge muscles, it’s been given a bad reputation. So, for starters, let’s go through some of these myths that we need to say goodbye to.

Protein is Only For Bulking

While protein does play a huge role in rejuvenating and repairing muscles, it’s not going to make you bulk up. To do that, you’ll need to get in some serious weightlifting sessions and progressive overload. All protein does is help and get you more energy to use.

So, please erase the mindset of associating protein with big and bulky bodies. In fact, it might just be that one last thing you need to get those abs of solid steel.

Protein Will Make Me Fat

Another massive misconception that many of us girls have on protein is that it will make us fat and reverse all the progress we’ve made in getting our dream body. In extreme cases, some even cut them out entirely in their diet plans, which is a big NO.

Sure, protein does make you feel fuller after eating, but that doesn’t equate to making you fat. In its most basic form, weight gain is just calories in and calories out, and protein isn’t necessarily the culprit. 

So, please don’t associate protein with just weight gain, you might be surprised to know that it can make you feel more satisfied and prevent any food temptations.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

With those myths out of the way, it’s time we answer the protein intake question we all need to hear. Just how much protein do girls need to help with weight loss and get the body of their dreams?

Well, based on our Recommended Dietary Allowance, for every kg of weight, we need at least 0.83g of protein. So, for us girls, that weigh around 150lbs; this works out to be around 54 grams to 58 grams of protein intake per day.

On that note, let’s take a look at some healthy sources of protein you can incorporate into your diet right now. If you’re lucky, you might even find some that are readily available near you or already in the fridge.

Healthy Sources of Protein

While protein is protein, some of them are not made equal. Others are high-quality, and then there are the few that don’t offer adequate protein to calorie ratios. So, here are some of the healthiest sources of protein you can begin adding to your diet right now:


  • Lean Meat: One of the best ways to get protein is through some lean meat. These can range from beef to skinless chicken, so take your pick.
  • Fish: These are filled to the brim with not only protein but also many essential vitamins and minerals. So, you’re getting a two for one if you choose to go with fish.
  • Nuts and Seeds: When it comes to snacking, take a hard pass on chips and go with nuts and seeds instead. From peanuts to almonds, they are both delicious and healthy.
  • Soy Products: If you enjoy partaking in plant products, then soy products will make an excellent choice. They are rich in plant protein, cholesterol-free, and low in saturated fat. 
  • Protein Supplements: While we suggest you take the natural route, protein shakes and supplements do offer the same benefits. Especially if you don’t have access to other sources, these might be your only hope.


Is Protein All It Takes?

Now that we’ve all come to understand that protein is essential, don’t let it get to your head that protein is all you need. Don’t forget to continue grinding with your workouts and choosing healthier options so that protein can help aid in your efforts.

Soon enough, you might even see some significant changes in the next two to four weeks!

Meta title: Women’s Fitness: Understanding the Significance of Protein Intake

Meta description: Working out to get your dream body is no easy feat, but did you know that women are missing out on one major thing? Learn why you need to consider your protein intake.

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