Gemstones are a popular astrologically-proven stones which have the best processed pieces of minerals. Different stones are endowed with the unique and beneficial features. Relationship, energies as well as the planets emerge with gemstones is not a new concept. Khannagems is one such name f trust in the world of astrological benefits. 

This guest post is simply to figure out why gemstones are so beneficial and how cool they work in the world of astrological science. Here are some possible facts that make the difference. 

Ample of astrological benefits since Vedic culture 

Vedic system and the Vedas have stated that there is no correspondence between gems, zodiac signs and planets hence it is associated with each planet and its primary and secondary benefits. There are ample of gemstones which have ample of benefits for people in the society. 

Why are negative impacts so systematic in its approach? 

Professional astrologers help people in assessing the negative effects in the natal chart. They suggest you to take the right approach in life so that you can easily stay away from the bad impacts of negative things. Gemstones help in curing the diseases also if they are used logically and in a systematic manner. 

Why choose Khannagems?

There are many people in the past, especially in the Vedic times who also believed in the benefits of gemstones. Khannagems has collection of quality gemstones. Mr. Pankaj Khanna has taken the world of gemstones to a different level. Qualified astrologers also accompany him to serve people. 

These gemstones create a different zodiac sign as well as planets. Hence it has associated each planet with one and only primary gemstone. Gemstones are tested and are then sold to the wearers. Only certified gemstones are sold. For example: Emerald is a costly gemstone. It is related to the zodiac signs and the planetary positions. 

Emerald is used for recognition, Ruby for Sun, Diamond for Venus and Red Coral for Mars. It represents good health. There are other properties like that of the hardness, colour and mineral family, crystal system. Chemical element and inclusion are considered eminent and prospering. Astrologers are looking for features that hold great impacts in the world of astrological science. 

Why should we make use of gemstones? 

Why should one use these gemstones? Gemstones always have good and balancing effects on human life. They help in magnifying the balance and redirects the specific energies in a man’s career. The natal plants and the position of the planets make the gemstones easy and worthy enough. 

Prevention and curing of the gemstones is one of the most effortless and the perfect remedies of the astrologers. Energy that is created by the vibrations of these gemstones nature is considered as the subtitles of five basic 

Elements in the gemstones and its impact over all- Reasons cleared 

  • These five elements of the nature are found in the human body. They are: Air, Water, earth and Weather. There is a complete imbalance between the human fate and other activities in man. 
  • Prevention is better than cure. Hence it is advised always to get a good and classy featured activity once you see an astrologer. Wrongly positioned celestial bodies have diverse impact over human characters and their behavioral approach towards life and daily chores. 
  • The gemstones have scientific reasons also behind their usage. They reduce the negative impacts in the wearer once astrologers spot differently placed positioned of the planets in the natal chart. 
  • The negative impact is reduced with the malefic planet and also the celestial bodies. Effortless remedies of the astrology offer grand and curing gemstones for better feel and impact. The cosmic structure of the gemstones is used to protect with remedial measure of pure science of astrology. 


  • It should be used in strictly under the suggestion of the experienced astrologer. The negative impacts and consequences are checked well. They are enhanced for one and all. If the gemstone is worn with the maintaining of the proper rules and regulations, it will definitely start reaping results. The astrologers will help you to know which shade to wear and of which gemstones. 
  • Using gemstones also help in minimizing the past karmic reactions. Astrologers suggest gemstones as one of the remedial measures. It is all powerful. The negative outward vibrations from the external sources are highly recommendable. They are all powerful. 

What is the position of the cosmic structures at the time of birth chart?

  • Cosmic structures at the time of the birth defines us physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual shelf but not every planet is powerful at the time of an individual’s birth. Hence gemstones can repair the loss with its vibrations. 
  • It is always said to wear gemstones only under the impact of the gemstones. Certain instructions are levied when people meet the astrologer for better usages. The wrong house of the zodiac and the gemstones are removed with equal concentration. 
  • Improvements start shinning up. The processed pieces of gemstones are basically prepared with the objective to create positive energies. Diamond helps in improving the financial status by curing the diabetes as well as the skin disease. 
  • Using the gemstones can also help in minimizing the loopholes as well as the negative impacts. The peace of mind starts prevailing all over again by stabilizing peace. The improvements happen later on. Wearing of the gemstones help in removing of the negative impacts. 
  • Gemstones do the protection of subtle energy. A gem is won to protect he power by vibrations. It is absorbed with the individual internal aura that protects the human believe. It should be taken good care and also offer better living standards.


Final Words

If you have any further queries regarding the spread of the goodness in the world of gemstones and astrology. It is nothing beyond science. There are scientific reasons for everything in this world. You can call at Khannagems to get your booking for an appointment with an experienced astrologer.  So, what are you waiting for? Take the right step now or you’ll miss. 


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