UVC light can be made use of to eliminate the new coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2. Now, let’s check out what the research has found concerning UVC light as well as this coronavirus thus far.
UVC Rays [รังสี ยู วี ซี, which is the term in Thai] for decontaminating fluids.

Recent researchbya Journal ofAJIC investigated making use of UVC light to kill big quantities of the coronavirus.

The study found that UVC light direct exposure totally inactivated the infection in 9 minutes.

UVC light for disinfecting surface areas

One more research, published in the AJIC, checked out utilizing a certain kind of UVC light for killing SARS-CoV-2 on laboratory surfaces. The study discovered that the UVC light minimized the real-time coronavirus by 99.7 percent in 30 seconds.

The sort of UVC ray used in this research is known as far-UVC ray, which is Ultra Violet C light in the wavelengths around 207 as well as 222 nanometers.

Far-UVC light is still damaging to bacteria yet is less of a hazard to your skin and eyes than various other kinds of UVC light.

UVC light for disinfecting the air

One study published in the journal Scientific Information checked out making use of far-UVC light to eliminate two types of human coronaviruses airborne. These two coronaviruses, 229E as well as OC43, can create the common cold in people.

Based on their results with these infections, scientists estimated that, when put on present regulatory requirements, far-UVC light might eliminate airborne coronavirus of 99.9 in about 25 minutes. They think that these searches would even work with SARS-CoV-2.

Therefore, having UVC light in your home can save you from coronavirus as well as other microorganisms, and you can live a healthy life with it.

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