The best thing about Islamic tradition is that they believe in oneness of God i.e. Allah. Muslims are very concerned with their religious beliefs and thoughts. They try to do every single thing that brings them closer to Allah.  Due to this, Islamic Jewelry are becoming extensively popular among the Muslims. They feel that wearing Islamic Jewelry like pendants having Arabic names written on it will bring them closer to God and they want to show the world that Allah is supreme. By wearing these Jewelry, they uphold faith and devotion to their religion.

Islamic pendants available at are considered to have healing properties. Pendants or a ring having Allah written on is considered as a blessing to the wearer because it prevents a person from thinking wrong or doing wrong. Abdullah Ibn Omar, one of the companions of Prophet used to wear engraved rings. Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain also had engraved rings. As you can see, these Jewelry with Arabic names were in existence from a long time.

People wearing Jewelry with Arabic names or Allah feel that there are lots of benefits that they get.

  • They feel that by wearing jewelry with Allah inscribed on it makes them feel closer to God. It prevents them from doing wrong deeds or to stay away from negativity.
  • Allah Jewelry are considered to be powerful because it protects them from negativity and also helps to get divine guidance during difficult phases of life. It helps them to protect their families from negativity or personal problems.
  • It is great means to express their faith for ALLAH. It helps them to reveal their identity. It is also a way to express that they proudly belong to Islam.

For all these reasons, Allah Jewelry are so precious and it holds an important place in their day to day lives. These Jewelry are considered as an excellent gift for him or her. On certain religious occasions, these Jewelry play an essential gifting item for husbands or wives. However, there are certain restrictions on wearing these Allah Jewelry. For example, if you are wearing a necklace having Allah written on it, you should turn it on its back side before going to the toilet. The same is applicable for rings. If you are wearing a ring on the left hand, make sure you open it before cleaning yourself.

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