How To Change Your Follower Count on Instagram! (Spoof) - YouTubeIn today’s world, where social media platforms are the easiest way to reach out to the masses, everyone wants to be famous and successful. YouTube is one such platform where people come to showcase their talent, get recognized, and eventually, make a living. To become a successful YouTuber, having a large subscriber base is crucial. But, are you one of those individuals considering buying YouTube subscribers? If the answer is yes, hold your horses, as buying youtube subscribers is not the way to grow your channel.


Low-quality subscribers: Buying subscribers for your YouTube channel may increase the number of subscribers you have, but the quality of those followers will be significantly low. These low-quality subscribers will not engage with your content or be interested in your niche. This means that they will not like, comment, or share your videos, which are crucial to channel growth.


Risk of getting banned: YouTube’s algorithm is smart enough to recognize when channel owners buy subscribers. Purchasing subscribers is against YouTube’s policy, and the platform can ban your channel if it suspects you’re buying subscribers. Once banned, it’s nearly impossible to retrieve your channel. Is it worth risking your hard work for a few fake subscribers?


Misleading impression: Buying subscribers signals that your content is not worth it, and you cannot attract organic subscribers with your content. When subscribers notice that you have purchased followers, it creates a negative impression of your channel. They might question the authenticity of your content, and you might even lose the ones who were originally interested.


No genuine support: Your purchased subscribers will not support you when you need them the most. Your channel needs engagement from genuine subscribers, and those landed through purchase will seldom engage with you. Buying subscribers is a superficial strategy that creates temporary gains and eventually leads to a permanent loss.


No business opportunity: If you wish to make a living out of YouTube, attracting genuine sponsors and advertisers is crucial. Purchasing subscribers will not yield those opportunities, for sponsors base their decisions on the quality of content and engagement, not subscribers. It is the content they wish to display and pay for, and purchasing subscribers will not help you create that unique bond.




Buying subscribers might seem like the easiest way to grow your channel, but it’s a myopic view. Authentic and organic growth may take time, but it’s worth it. Your YouTube channel is your brand, and the easiest way to tarnish it is by purchasing subscribers. Fake subscribers cannot give you organic engagement or make you a better creator. Improving the quality and relevance of your content will do that. From our article, you can now see the risks associated with buying subscribers and why it’s not a viable long-term strategy. Take your time, create quality content, and watch your channel grow in a steady and authentic manner. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.